Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Monday

Today was a good day.  It was also a day for me to go out all day too.  I went to my Craft Day for the last time until next year... it was time to give our Secret Santa people their gifts.  So, this was the one time of the year where I got all dressed up and took along cake to the gathering in the afternoon.  I also took along the big gorgeous tie cushion I had worked on for four months this year... it has been sitting in my office since October.

Anyway, I arrived early to help set up and parked close to the building - so I didn't drop anything.  And I got inside, put the Christmas Tree Cake on the table after I put my stuff down and put the cushion on the gift table.  Two of the ladies were there already and they were amazed at the size and how many ties were on it... and how gorgeous it was!  

And there were so many people who looked at it (as it wasn't wrapped in anything because - well, I didn't have enough wrapping paper for it), and they all wanted it!  
Well, we all got stuck into the food and drinks and had a great time chatting and laughing - as you do at Christmas Parties - and then it was time to give out the pressies.  This was done quickly and we all waited until they were all handed out before we unwrapped them at once!  Well!  Bernie (the lady who I made the cushion for) loved her gift.  She said the variety of ties was amazing on it, and she'd never get tired of it - and if she ever did, she'd only have to turn it over!  She loved it that she could replace the stuffing as there was a zip at the top!  I said that all the ties came from second-hand charity stores and she couldn't believe they were in such great condition and so pretty!  

My cushion was a little Christmas-themed one from Ann Palmer.  Ann is a lady I sit with at my table and she made the most gorgeous little cushion for me!  I love it.  It's so festive and I can put it with my other Christmas things when it comes to packing them all away.  Very cool!  
Nell gave Ann, Nola and me hand-made gifts too; even though she didn't take part in the Secret Santa thing.  She did this for me last year too.  

But too soon, we looked outside and saw the day was looking strange and stormy.  So, I left at around 2pm to see if I could beat the storm home.  However, I decided not to go home.  I went to a friend's house to visit him... I went to Doug Cartwright's place.  I had tried to call him, and found his phone disconnected.  Anyway, I just dropped by and he was pleased to see me.
We got chatting and we caught up with a lot of things about life, about his late partner, Peter, and how things have turned out for him.  He revealed to me that people think he's crazy or changed.  He told me why people think this (and I'm not about to say why, it's personal) and I can understand why he's change so much - as I've been through this kind of thing too.  Well we chatted, picked up his boarder's daughter and her friend from school, where some bleach blonde forty-something year old Mum cut me off from getting out of a car spot just to get to the same gate as I at the same time (damned idiot).  I called her a bitch when she said no to me, and her mouth dropped (exactly what did she expect me to do?  Cry?).  Well, we returned to Doug's place and kept talking with his boarder's daughter hanging around while she ignored her guest from school.  Doug and I were trying to talk about personal things and other stuff we wanted to catch up on.  While I was there, the afternoon storm hit and I asked if it was okay for me to hang out until the storm had passed - and he said yeah it would be the best idea.  

Before long, it was 5pm and time for me to go home.  Doug hadn't planned anything for dinner - and didn't have anything much in the way of food until shopping the next day.  So, I invited the two around for dinner at my place, where I made a salad with sour cream, fruit and bread too.  Then, we had a cup of tea - and milo for our youngster - and chatted until they called up his boarder and found he had arrived closer to home and he could pick them up on the way through.  I walked them to the gate and Doug said I was welcome to his place anytime... so did his boarder.

It was a long day for me; a very long day.  But it was a good day.  I enjoyed being out all day and having all this fun.  Tomorrow, I don't know what I'll get up to.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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