Saturday, April 9, 2016

Back To Decluttering Fun!

Over the last week, I've had some major time on my hands; and it's been damned depressing over that time as well. I didn't have my internet and used a Hotspot Device that my Mum loaned me - so I wasn't online for as long as I wanted to be, because I didn't want to chew through the money on that.

So, once I got myself back online, I started back into the decluttering again. The top part of my wardrobe has been cleaned out and I gave away a tiny bookcase I have been using as shelves for my tiny handbags. In its place I put a basket where my tiny handbags can stay and put my 3 craft baskets up there along with 2 spare pillows that are strangely-shaped (a body pillow and a boomerang pillow). 

Then I have gotten into the habit of throwing out the rubbish in the kitchen on a daily basis and making sure I try to wash up once a day (after dinner). It's making life a lot easier for me now when I wake up in the mornings and the kitchen is so much tidier to work in. And speaking of which, I have had the kitchen pantry, fridge and under the kitchen sink all organised since January and they've stayed that way. I'm so pleased with myself that I haven't let them get messy again! 

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn, watered the garden out the front - as it's been so dry here - and out the back yard just as the sun went down, and was inside after dark and just before 'Neighbours' started (man, that show is going through so many changes... I seriously don't know if I want to see any more people leave it). 

Today, I washed the car for the first time in weeks and sorted out the vinyls collection under my stereo system. I found so many things there I didn't know where to start; but starting somewhere instead of giving up was better than nothing at all, right? Well, I found some certificates of my late-Grandpa's tests for his mouth organ exams out at Warwick inside a book for one of the 'Reader's Digest' Album Collections. They were left there by either my Grandmother or my Uncle Allan. Just as well I went through all the music album books and didn't just toss them into the box thinking they weren't worth anything... and just as well I wanted to try out one of the vinyls too, otherwise I would never have found the certificates.

Well, I called Mum and told her about them (as she's the one doing the family history and needs to know) and I put them away in a folder I've got of all his music certificates - so far - I know there's more somewhere around here. I have inherited a lot of books and things that have these hidden inside them; I just have to go through them all before giving them away.
Once I got the vinyls I didn't want anymore into the car, asked a friend online if he wanted any of them, and thought to take them to Mum and Dad's tomorrow... I packed away everything else into the space under the stereo again. There's a gap behind them, but I'll see what to do with that yet.

Well, that's my few days of cleaning up and cleaning out done for now. Two bags of Christmas Decorations are off to Vinnies on Monday. And tomorrow I'm sorting through my bathroom towels - as I have far too many for just one person. There's some there which are too tatty to be hair towels; so they're going to be stored in the shed for when I need them around the house. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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