Saturday, April 23, 2016

Long Weekend Ahead

This weekend is a long one - a three-dayer - where ANZAC Day is included. So much has gone on this week, I might just take it easy and get in and do some artwork, reading and tidying up of the yard; the latter of which I started on the other day.

But this week has been non-stop since Wednesday, which was a busy shopping day for me. I got out of here just around 10am and arrived home just after midday with all my groceries, goodies and bits'n'pieces just before the rubbish truck arrived. I filled that bin up on time too.

Thursday was a day where I took my time going out, as my day was going to be busy, but I wanted to make sure I had everything ready for when I did go out. When I go out, I hate to leave things at home; because if I have to return it's a pain in the butt to get back into the unit complex for just one little thing. 
Anyway, it was a busy few hours out and about around the place before I returned home. It included me going to Woody's to collect 4 vinyls I had bought from one of the employees there - and they're great vinyls too! I brought those home after going to Bunnings and picking up a bag of potting mix in preparation for this Winter and then checking the mail. 
At around 2pm, I brought the slow cooker down off the fridge and got in and put together a soup and put it on for that night. Then, washed up the yoghurt container for that night to make more later on (which I did at around 9pm). When I put the scraps into a bowl and took them out to the compost bin, I found I had a termite nest in the bin! Oh crap! So, instead of wasting my time with the scraps in there, I threw them into my regular bin and Googled how to get rid of termites in my compost bin. There were two ways: heat up the bin with green waste and garden lime (which is the slow way) or get a wheel barrow and get rid of the whole lot of the nest into a green waste bin and cart it away. I chose for the latter as it was a faster way to to it... not easier, but faster. It took an hour and three barrow loads to get rid of the nest - and the leg on the wheel barrow gave out on the last load (it was rusty as hell - that's what the caretaker gets for leaving the damned thing outside all the time). 

On Friday, I was woken by a text to tell me that Prince had died. My brother had told me and I knew he was shattered as he's a big fan of the singer. I was hoping to sleep in a little seeing what a big afternoon the day before had turned into. 
I was only supposed to be out for an hour or so from here and I ended up arriving home at around lunch time. I had left home at around 11am and it was well past 1pm by the time I came home. I had been to Bunnings - again - Super Cheap and then Mum and Dad's house to pick up something for them and then off to Aunty Narelle's and Uncle Iain's place to drop off what Mum and Dad needed... then I drove home. 

Now, I need to sell the compost bin. It's of no use to me. Dad doesn't want it either - he's got one - and so I'm hoping to sell it. Dad won't like it that I'm selling it; but I'd like to make a bit of money out of it seeing there's nothing wrong with it and no charity will take if off my hands; as it's too big for them to carry it.

Anyway, today, I'm hoping to chill out, do some reading (yep, catch up on that) and get in and do some serious tidying up. I have laundry to put away, the car to wash, washing up to catch up on, the lounge room to tidy up and my vinyls to catagorise. This is just for the weekend. I hope to get it all done by Monday. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here. 

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