Friday, April 15, 2016

Big Plans

Over the last two years, I haven't done much; not since I fixed up the gardens. Okay, I did the markets, but I haven't changed anything in the house.

I still have most of the furniture I moved in with - besides the bedroom suite I bought myself for my 40th Birthday - and I have been wanting a change over the past few months. I've wanted a new dining room table and the need to get back into my garden again this Winter (which is just a matter of getting in and repotting plants that have outgrown their pots). 

The sad fact of the matter is that 95% of my furniture was once owned by somebody who's passed away or doesn't need it anymore - yes, my house hold furniture is all second-hand. All of it, except my office desk, my bedroom suite and the standing desk I built, is all second-hand or scrounged from around my unit complex or the family in some way. I don't like it that for a good part of my life, I've been living with this kind of stuff in my life; and wish to be rid of some of it. 
I've had a word with Mum about selling the kitchen table - as my late-Grandma owned it for over 40 years - and she said it would be okay to sell it. You see, it's a retro-1960's, 5-sided table with 4 burnt orange swivel chairs. I'm not just going to dump it, I'm hoping to sell it for a good amount of money and use that money to buy another dining suite almost immediately. 

Other things I need to work on is the office. There's a bookcase I really need to get in and replace with a bigger bookcase - yes it's a matter of getting one that's tall enough, big enough and will take on the weight of the books I own as well. This is so when I move house, I can just take with me the four bookcase I own and they are bookcases I use in my next place without any worries of having something fall apart in transit. This is going to take time, though, as it's a matter of saving up the money and then buying the bookcase and getting it home. Then, ditching the old one.

During this time - of about 4 months - I'll be looking at how much my stall next year will change. I'm currently working on making new things for it - like book-bags (which were things I thought would be great for kids and high school students to enjoy) and handbags, which I'm hoping to find a pattern for a simple one to make soon. But this is all just 'blueprint' stuff right now... however the stall is going to change in a way that nobody's going to see; and I'll have to make a hat stand to house the new bags I'm hoping get into - or buy one... or... well, like I said, it's still something I'm working on right now.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I'm looking at my garden. I've already started buying potting mix in readiness for June/July to get myself into the saving mode to buy large pots for the garden. I need 3 large pots - which I'll buy one at a time - to repot the two plants out the front and the third one will be for the Frangipanni out in the garden; as it didn't flower this Summer past. 

Yes, there's plenty of plans I'm hoping to get done over the next few months - including a major decluttering of my house as well. This means I have to be brutal when it comes to seeing what I want and what I need in this place. It's coming to the pointy end of the whole decluttering thing - you know, the devilishly detaily part - but I'm sailing along well. The bathroom was cleaned out and and cleaned up all in two days in the last week, and I'm very pleased with that. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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