Thursday, April 14, 2016

Out & About With The Green Beastie

I've been out and about today with Mum's car - the big Green Pajero - and while I was, I got a lot done; even if none of it was for me.

First it was off to the post office to check the mail. There wasn't much for me - but no bills thankfully. Then, I drove to Browns Plains Smart Tip where I dropped off Mum and Dad's old microwave oven. This was their first one from when I was a kid. It really was something big when we first got that thing in the kitchen back in the 80's to have a microwave - it was big technology at the time. Now, every house hold has one; and man are they heavy! 
But when I arrived there, the man said they may not be able to sell it; even if it does work. I said that it does, and that Mum and Dad upgraded to another, newer model that's all.He still said that people rarely buy old microwaves anymore; and if I wouldn't buy a second-hand one, they won't. I said that I would, if it's looked after; and that one was. 

After I dropped that off, I drove back to Springwood and dropped off the box of charity stuff Mum decluttered from her home. It was her first box and I'm proud of her to getting in and doing this. I looked at it all to see if there was any small thing I wanted but I didn't (fortunately) and I left it there, waiting for the box. While I was at the counter, I spotted two lovely glasses and loved them immediately, so took them from their spot, asking the lady to put them to one side for me while I looked around. While I was in the kitchen-ware area, I found a light fitting which would fit my neighbour's house and bought that. It was brand new and still in its box! When I came home, I dropped in on them and gave it to them to use in their laundry. Vanessa was stoked. She thanked me very much and said it was the only one which didn't have a cover. I said it was probably because it had been broken at some point - or stolen - and those light fittings are hard to come by, not to mention expensive. So, finding one at a charity store was lucky! 

Well, that was my day out today. I still have some things to go through in my place, but they can wait until tomorrow. I still have to pick up my car from the mechanic's. I had to return it there because the seals busted on it again and there's a clunking noise on the side they fixed the brake caliper. So, this is why I've been driving Mum's car today. I can't wait to get my Little Green Machine home again. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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