Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eating Like Grandma

Yesterday, while I was at my craft group, a topic in conversation cropped up about food and how people prepared their meals today; compared to how their parents did in the 1940's and 1950's.

How we eat now is a far cry compared to food preparation of our parents or even our grandparents.  And I can vouch for that.  I've grown up with all kinds of junk food and have found it change and morph into stuff I don't recognise over time - and worse still - something I don't want to.  

Like meat.  I don't want to go near it.  I remember meat used to have marbling in it - that fat in it where it made it tasty.  Now, meat is just red, looks horrible and feels horrible.  I'm not saying this because I'm a vegetarian, but it's just how meat has been treated over time; and the reason why I became a vegetarian.
And before you tell me I'm missing out on some great things... I'm eating more food than I ever did when I was a meat-eater.  I'm eating more fruit and vegetables than my folks have ever seen me get into, drinking more water and Cranberry juice, more eggs and milk and vegemite... and yet, I've noticed that I can eat a lot of food and not gain any weight.

That's another thing too.  My doctors seem to think that I'm overweight and that I should lose weight.  I'm an Australian size 12 top and bottom and dress size and am happy with who I am.  I eat everything to my heart's content and don't like takeaway foods of any kind.  So, why are they telling me to lose weight?  Have you ever had this kind of thing happen to you too?

I'm one of those rare people who buys food seasonally, cooks their meals from scratch (so their kitchen rarely seems to be tidy) and I plan my dinner at around 4pm so I have the time to get in and make my meal properly.  I make all my own spaghetti sauces, pizza doughs, cannelloni stuffings, pasta and anything else that I wish to eat from scratch... and you know, once you know how to make the food you love from the very beginning, you don't want to order in ever again.  Dominos pizza just doesn't seem the same when you've eaten your own home-made pizza dough with your own toppings and cheese... and you've cooked that sucker right on top of a proper pizza stone!  Now, that's how it's supposed to be done.

However, so many people go out and eat the biggest load of fat, crap and takeaway food I've ever laid eyes on and wonder why they're putting on weight.  What I'm wondering is:  why is it that sugar was a natural staple in my grandparent's time - and even my parents' time - and now, it's enemy number one?  It's the same with salt, eggs, carbs and most other things we usually eat that were considered healthy in the 1980's.  However, I have ignored most people saying sugar is poison or salt will harden my arteries or that full cream milk is bad for me.  Yes, I've just looked at what people at in the 1950's and kept up that ordinary, plain, eat what you cook diet.  And you know?  I'm not overweight, I'm not craving junk food and my doctors keep telling me that I'm borderline... borderline what?  Please tell me, because I feel great.  I sleep well, I'm eating well.  My skin is clear, my hair is good...my nails are good too.  So, tell me, what is so bad about eating the diet that our grandparents ate?  It's good fresh food made in the kitchen which does take time.

And for a generation of people who are so time-poor, I think taking time out and living like their grandparents for a while would do their stress good.  Slow down.  Check out what you're eating.  Learn good cooking techniques and enjoy yourself, your life and everything around you.  Life is the journey... not the destination.  Food is your fuel to get there.  Make sure it's good fuel, or you'll be worn out before you arrive.

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