Saturday, March 29, 2014

Four Days of Sheer Laz-y-ness

Yep, I've done pretty much zero around my place... contemplated the fluff in my navel and have done just enough to make the house look and feel reasonably, passable as tidy. 

So, what have I been up to otherwise?  Well, researching a little online and reading books about Angels and Archangels.  Then, I washed up everything, put out the rubbish, searched the place for some photos of mine and then searched the place for my Peace Flags - couldn't find either of those things.  I'm concerned but not too worried... I'll find them, they're here.  It's just a matter of knowing where to look.

Then, I packed the car for the markets yesterday, made sure I have enough money for the float and organised myself for it.  I have planned out what I'm going to wear and have it all hanging out on the doorknob next to my wardrobe along with the jewellery I'm going to wear and shoes too.

Yeah, I'm prepared completely.  I'm just hoping tonight the place stays a little quiet... so I can get a good night's sleep as I have to be up at 5am to get going.  I'll set the table and be ready for it all and have everything ready to go; no worries.  I've even charged up the tablet to take with me too; in case the crowds don't happen again or it's raining.

Today, I had pancakes for breakfast.  They were lovely.  Then, I mowed the lawn, took photos of my plants - as they've shot up since the rain a few days ago - and then kept looking for the peace flags and photographs.  Still no luck.  it looks like I'll be looking for them again properly... pull this place apart properly bit by bit.  I really do know they're here.

Well, so much for a laz-y-ness time... my mind is on finding these silly things. Until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember I'm always here.

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