Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gardening Work Again

Around this time of year, I get back into my garden; and I love it.  It's funny how I do look forward to doing this, and yet it's something that - in the past - I haven't been able to do in larger spurts due to not having transport. 

Now, I have a set of wheels, it's a lot easier and I can enjoy my gardening more.  So, I've been getting more than one bag of potting mix at a time, more than one pot at a time and being able to look at better plants to pot lately - especially seeing how there's a new back fence to play around with, and I have a half-pot to hang off it.

Over the last week, I've backfilled a few plants, repotted a couple of others and bought a new pot for a plant that's been without a home.  I'm looking at working at getting myself a nice plant for the halfpot and hanging that up before long.  Then, I'll look into working on making sure I have enough room for other things for my plants.

I want to get more plants into my yard, buy some solar lighting which actually works, and a few other things to keep my garden looking nice.  There's a feel I want my garden to have and it's not quite there yet... I want more statues hiding amongst place for people to find and I want to have plaques around the place, a couple of things to place the plants on - to get them off the ground.  I'm hoping to work on making my yard have a look to it that will make me want to be out in it - as well as my friends want to be out in it too.

Before the year is out, I want to replace at least two of the coloured seats that are outside.  They are all rotting and I want to have something that gives people a reason to go and sit down and chilll out in the shade... a reason to relax without wondering if the seats are going to give out on them, which is a feeling they have with the chair around the place currently.  Even I have the uneasy feeling that those wooden seats aren't going to hold my weight most days as they move and creak under my light frame.  So, this year is the year I get rid of them.  

So, what are you up to this week?  What's your main plan for your place, your garden, your main thing while you're busy making other plans... until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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