Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Third Month In - Already?

It's March... already?  Wow... how time has flown for this year; and I've gotten so much done in my life for my home, for Crafty Pegs and for all kinds of things around my family too.

So much has gone on this month I don't know where to start.  

I've been working on cleaning out my house since I returned home from Brunswick Heads.  January was a great month for me; so much got done!  I jumped into February with the hopes of getting even more done, but (yeah, great word that) I fumbled and slowed down instead.
I worked on only a few things around the house and found myself at my craft table more times than not.  The Creative Markets were coming back and I had a 2x3mt stall paid for that I was hoping to work on as well.  So, I worked on its design, the types of tables I needed, the stock and how I was going to show my wares.  This took a long time and a few nights of me just laying there in the dark before going to sleep thinking about how to get things done (and doing it that was was the best way to get it all done).  
Finally, I got in bought some Calico, hemmed it and sorted out the workings of what I needed to do with the table.  There were tiny little jugs one of my art friends didn't want and she sold them all to me; and I did some great things with them.  I also started on new products of coat hangers too... and they've attracted some attention from buyers online as well as at the market at this Sunday just gone.

However, away from the Creative Markets, things have been going on.  I had to get my washing machine looked at - as when it hit the spin cycle, it sounded like it was a rocket taking off.  So, the service guy came out and put 'the gunk' in it to keep it from grinding.  Anyway, this happened on Dad's birthday and fortunately, the guy showed up before lunch and Mum, Dad and I managed to be able to go out just in time for Dad's birthday lunch.

The rains have returned - well kind of.  We'll get really hot, long days of sweltering heat, then a huge downpour of rain during the night.  That's okay, I guess, but it does nothing for breaking those long hot days and the nights are long and humid.  And we haven't had the best Summer... it's our wet season.

Then, I drove to Gabe and Kat's place... woot!  Yeah, I put in their address into the Tom-Tom and it told me how to get there.  Very cool, and a little confusing.  But it was great.  I spent the day there the Sunday before the markets showing them what I was selling at the Creative Markets and they were amazed what I was doing while I was at home.  And Kat loves the Itty-Bitty Jugs... she bought one as well.

Then, within this week, I scored a commission from a neighbouring retailer at the Creative Markets and the back fence of my unit was replaced with a brand new, 6 foot fence!  How very cool was that?  But the ground was so hard, the poor guys had to get a bigger machine to dig the stump holes and then the guy who was left to dig them out more spent half the day doing just that... he was stuffed by the end and he had blisters all over his palms.  He said he'd never worked so hard in all his life.  

So, that was February.  It was a short month.  It was a very busy month.  It was a fun month... so how was your February?  Fun and short like mine?  Or busy and short like mine too.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Sorry for missing the Creative Memories in February as I had something else on that day. I will try my best to make an appearance for March meet.

    1. Hey that's cool. Don't worry, there's a Creative Markets on at Springwood State School on the last Sunday of each month. :)