Friday, April 11, 2014

Busy Friday

I had a busy day, but I didn't rush around like I normally do.  It was going to be a hot day, so I took my time getting places and did my thing, stuck to the speed limit and just got home whenever I ended up home.

However, this did mean that I was running around in the car like I was on a scavenger hunt for a good part of my day... which was unusual.  So long the end of my 'hunt' ended up back at my place, well, that's all I cared about.
Anyway, I had an appointment at my optometrist's to look into getting myself a pair of occupational/work glasses for when I do my close-up work with Crafty Pegs; as my reading glasses weren't cutting it, and I'm beginning to get headaches, tired eyes and feeling really tired within myself when I've been working on my craft for long periods of time.  This is something that isn't good for my eyes; and Graeme even said that it can lead to my eyesight worsening more than it should be over a shorter length of time.  And seeing my eyesight is in pretty good nick, we don't want me straining my eyes too much.  So, today, I scored myself two free pairs of glasses; one for reading and one for up-close work.  I stayed with my usual, lovely purple/green frames for my reading glasses (as I love them) and picked out a cool lot of frames for my craft work/up close work.  They'll look totally different from each other so I won't confuse them and the craft glasses will be kept at my craft area too, so I'm not carting them around the place.

Well, the car got some cheap petrol in it, I checked the mail, ordered in a book at QBD and found a piece of Royal Doltan at David Jones that Mum broke for half price that I'll buy for her for Easter.  Then, I was off to Bunnings where I tried to find a piece of pipe for a teapot I've got that drips... but it was the wrong size.  So, I'm back to square one with that. 
But never to fear, I found a few fun things to use from there for my Crafty Pegs market.  I picked up a proper peg basket I can put my pegs in to sell and 24 metres of white clothes line to string around my stall.  I'll hang my pegs on it and put Christmas Cards, business cards, Birthday Cards and Postcards on it, to give people ideas of what they can do with the clothes pegs.  I also have to write up some lists to put with the Magna-Pegs, but that'll come with a bit of time.

Before long, I was home.  I found that the kids around the place had been playing in my car port but they were no longer around.  I really don't mind school holidays, but parents around unit complexes really should have some idea what to do with their children during this time.  And they should be telling them to not interfere with anyone's houses while they're out.  I know that makes me sound fussy.  But I've got two cabinets at the back of my car port and if any kids pull them down on themselves while I'm not around, it's not my fault they were there and I wasn't; and not my responsibility.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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