Monday, April 21, 2014

Four-Day Weekend

These weekends come along only once in a while.  However, we have two long weekends within a week of each other this month; and people are going to go stir crazy about them - I just know it.  And if it's not the Easter Long Weekend that hasn't made people go bugshit it's going to be next weekend.

So, it looks like I'll have to have the car packed and ready for the markets totally by Friday night just in case the neighbours have a 3 day party over the weekend (and you know, I wouldn't put it past them).

This weekend just gone, I've had a nice quiet Good Friday where I worked hard on some coathangers and prepared my pegs for varnishing in the boxes.  On Saturday, it was Saturday Night at the movies for me, and I watched 'A Knight's Tale' on dvd.  A great film and I love it!  This kind of film doesn't age and has some great humour in it.  I did a review of it below.
Also on Saturday, I received a phone call from Riley asking if I could be at Mum and Dad's place as she wanted me in a movie she was shooting for and about family.  It's so good she loves her arts academy and work.  Before long, they were off to the Blues'n'Roots Festival down the coast and I was off home.

Sunday was Easter Sunday and I dropped around to my folk's house for morning tea and to drop off their Easter pressie of an Italian Cookbook for Australian kitchens.  Well, seeing Mum and Dad loved the food in Italy when they were over there last, it was pure fate to have found this book when I did.  I was hoping to keep it for myself but there were no vegetarian dishes in it... so it was kept for my folks.  

Today, I dropped the Pajero over to their place to have driver's side window looked at by Dad and so I thought to leave the car there today so he could work on it for two days instead of one.  Before I left, Gabe and Riley returned to pick up the dog and we all hung out for about an hour and I was dropped home.

I still have work to do with the Creative Markets.  There's two coathangers finished with two more to be completed before I varnish them all, wrap them up and add them to the rest of the stock.  Then, there's the rest of this busy week.  *Phew!*  What a week I have ahead of me!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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