Friday, April 25, 2014

I Have A New Car!

This week was going to be busy... really busy... and Wednesday and yesterday turned out to be a lot busier than I expected.

On Wednesday, I did my grocery shopping, arrived home, and just settled in to surf the net for a little while when I received a phone call from Mum and Dad (just when I was wondering where they were) and they said they have found a car that looks like me... hehe... well you guys know what I mean when parents say that.

Anyway, I said I'd be ready in a bit and Dad picked me up about twenty minutes later and took me there.  On the way, he started talking at me about money, finances, insurance, registration... jeez, I hadn't even seen the car yet and he was badgering me already.  I said to settle down and let me look at the car and we'd see how it goes.  He was convince, though, that it was the car for me.

And, you know something?  Dad was right.  On Wednesday, he put down a deposit and yesterday, we picked up my little green machine... she's a sweet car.  It's registered in my name and insured too.  Now, it's a great little thing and I love it.  I have been putting money away for it into a bank account, and will be putting away more as time goes by.  I'm hoping to have this car running well.  

Dad's worried that I won't care for it, but Mum thinks I will.  This car isn't like my first one where it ran really badly.  This car is something I will take pride in more because it's better.  It's a 2000 model Holden Astra... a green one.  It's such a pretty thing too.  I love it.  It's the same colour as Mum's Pajero.  But the places I will go in it will be great seeing it's a 4 cylinder... and it'll be good on the hip pocket when it comes to petrol.  
And that's another thing with Dad.  He's worried I won't have the money to run the car.  But when I was driving the Pajero, it was a 6 cylinder; and that thing drank petrol like water!  I worked its filling up time in with my fortnightly budget and shopping day.  I had to get Mum to put some money into it when she borrowed it off me and drove it because it would really bite when I found it had less in it than I expected on the days I needed it and had to use my car account to fill it on those days.  Anyway, now I have this little sweet car, it should be good to drive, a sinch to run and drive and really lovely to get around in.  Oh!  And here's a few photos of her my Little Green Machine! 

My Little Green Machine 

Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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