Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Night At the Movies: 'A Knight's Tale'

William Thatcher wanted to be a great person, but being born poor meant he wasn't allowed certain things - certain privileges - that rich people automatically had.  He had to fight harder to get where he wanted and what he wanted in the world.  And so, when his father organised for him to go traveling around with a Knight at the tender age of around 7 years old, William left home to 'change his stars'.  
Twelve years later, William had taken over the riding of his employer's horse, his name and was working under false papers to win Jousting Tornaments around Europe, Paris and London with his rag-tag team of friends.  However, it was the trip home to London that would undo his hard work in the Tornaments; as he had earned himself a reputation, an enemy and the heart of a gorgeous Princess - Joselyn - who he was willing to put everything on the line for to stop being a liar, and earn the Knighthood he so badly wanted. 

I love Heath Ledger.  He's one of the greats who died too soon - aged 27.  And yet, he held his own place in a movie like this in so many ways.  

Australian actors find it hard to make their place in movies that make it big on the silver screen; but Heath Ledger - playing William Thatcher, a peasant from Cheapside, London - really made this movie great.  

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