Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Busyness

This morning, you'd swear I was on a mission... a true mission!  I was out of bed before 8am, had a nice hot shower and washed my hair and dressed by around 8:20am and then put on the first load of laundry of towels just as I got my breakfast ready and opened the house up.

Then, after I put out the towels and the hand-washing, I finished my toast and paid the phone bill and got myself ready to go out.  I had my list of things to get done and then I was out the door just as the rubbish truck was coming through the gate out the front.  So, I pulled the Pajero around in front of my neighbour's house so I didn't get stuck face to face with a big J J Richard's truck halfway through this place, and waited for them to come through... but they didn't.  Instead, they backed out and drove away.
So, I spent a little time reporting this to the right people and then took off on my errands around the place.  I had to go to A-Mart All-Sports to suss out some hand-weights.  I want to get my lazy muscle back into some kind of working form again; as I don't feel or look as good as I could.  Besides, I have 'tuckshop arms'... oh, yuk!  These are things I promised myself I'd never have, and now I do!  So, I'm not going to let my body go any further into the lazy muscle stage, it's going to be worked on ... I bought myself a nice box of hand weights which add up to 10kg... there's a piece of paper inside where it tells you how to get started and I can work on my arms now, and when I graduated from this stage, I can hand them onto Mum and Dad; and they can use them.

Then, I was off to the bank to deposit the cash I raised for the Lukaemia Foundation.  I have to post off the book to them - and I'll be doing that tomorrow.  And then, I went to Bunnings and found a nice little plant to pot into the large half-pot one of my neighbours gave me.  And it looks just so pretty.  It's a succulent and flowers from Spring through to Autumn, and is just green in Winter.  It's self-seeding and so I can keep and eye on it through that time and it flows over the edge of the pot, so it looks lovely and it attracts butterflies to the garden - which is a plus!

Once I was home, I potted the plant, unpacked the weights and organised myself.  I'll be doing a lot more stuff over the next few days.  I have to keep working on a few things and get my butt into gear for the weekend... I really need to put away laundry, find some photos, and my Peace Flags.  Otherwise, I'm okay with the house work for now.  How's your week going?  Busy, busy, like me?  Or just average?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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