Saturday, April 12, 2014

At The Movies: Amadeus

I've decided to do something on a regular basis.  Yep, I'm going to have movie night.  I have a massive collection of movies at my disposal.  They're all in an index book in alphabetical order, so why not watch them one by one each Saturday Night?  Sounds good, eh?  And the best thing is that I'll be able to see a different movie each Saturday without any re-runs... without any ad-breaks and in the privacy of my own home.

Yeah, sounds like a good plan to me too.

Tonight, it was 'Amadeus': The Director's Cut.  Yes, there's one.  It was put out when the film hit the 30 year mark, and I snapped it up!  The film was made in 1984 and starred some great people.  The version I have is a 2-disk set and I watched special features too.  This whole movie is almost 3 hours long, is full of sex, love affairs, God, hatred, jealousy and spreading rumours... and all this from one man who carried a hatred for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart so strongly, he had a plan to kill him through making sure he gave him a commission he knew Mozart couldn't finish.  What a film!  I loved the director's cut of this film... it had so much in it, and I don't know why they cut so much of it out; when quite a bit of it didn't make sense once they did.  Okay, Mozart's wife didn't like Salieri, and her dislike of him is evident, but exactly why she hates him so much isn't; not until I saw the director's cut.

This film's music score is fantastic.  I love the music of W.A. Mozart as it just fills me with such joy and love as it cresendos from the lows and takes me on the journey throughout the piece without stopping, without pause, without leaving my side... as though he's taken my hand and led me along a path and is showing me the way to see his music, not just listen to it.  However, using the music as a muse in the film and Prague as the backdrop to fuel the emotions of the whole thing; well, it was fantastic... pure genius.  And it takes me as a viewer on a journey I will never forget.  Even now, I have the music score resonating through my head and it's been over half an hour after I've put the dvd away... it's become it's own ear worm and I don't think I'll forget it tomorrow either.

'Amadeus' has become a classic film in its own right; as it's won 8 Academy Awards.  And if you haven't seen it - in particular the Director's Cut - do go out and rent this dvd.  Even if you're not really into classical music, opera or orchestral music, the story of this man's life will definitely pull you in... and maybe make you a fan of Mozart's.  And I'm not a fan because of movie.  I've been listening to W.A Mozart since I was around 10 years old when my Grandpa first put his music on the radio and I asked who it was, and he told me that Mozart was the best composer in the world.

Over recent years, research has shown that Mozart didn't die from the result of being murdered by Antonio Salieri.  Instead, he died from Strep; which was something that was common in the late 18th Century amongst men under 40.  There's more research to say that he may have had other medical conditions that may have come back on him that he had when he was a child - however that's all something that people across the world have theories about but have yet to be proven or not.  But the more research I do, about Mozart's death and how he died, the more it all seems to go in circles and goes nowhere.  I do have two books about him, and I am determined to read them and find out the full truth about how he lived, worked and died... then I'll come back here and tell you all how it happened - once and for all.  Otherwise, I do recommend enjoying this movie by all means.

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