Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Beginnings

Yep... it's all a new beginnings for me since Dad bought me Little Green Machine.  There's been a lot of fun being had by me this week so far; and I haven't had her a week yet.  

On Saturday, I was out all day, driving around Logan City.  I drove to Holmeview MacDonalds to meet up with friends and have something to eat and drink.  They were stoked I had my own set of wheels and that she looked so pretty; as I had plenty of photos of her on my camera.
Then, it was time to leave and we were off to the Logan Art Gallery.  But I was an hour early.  So, I went to Logan Central Plaza to pick up a few things to eat.  Now, this was my first time parking my little green car in a parking lot... and from experience, I didn't want to lose her.  
Years ago, when I had my 1981 Toyota Celica, I recall parking it in the carpark behind my folks' house and promptly losing it almost immediately!  It was the first time I had parked it in a carpark and so I didn't know what to expect seeing there were so many cars there.  And so, I had spent over an hour walking around the carpark before security personnel asked me if I was okay... then I told them I had lost my car, you know, parked it and forgot where I parked it.  The guys were really good about it... and we could laugh about it when we did find my car.  But I never forgot how horrible I felt when I couldn't remember where my car was.  So, I had to start remembering landmarks in the carparks; it just makes it easier for me to find my car.
Well, it was the same deal with my Little Green Machine... I parked her in a very easy place to find her, locked her up and made sure I knew where to find her and walked to where I needed to be.  Soon after, I was back there and found her.  I also had found out that Woodys' Music was closing down in July!  Bugger!  Now, I'll have to find another place to get in my 'Supernatural' Seasons 9 and 10.  
At the Logan Art Gallery, I was on my own for the afternoon.  My partner in crime who was supposed to be there couldn't be because he was looking after his Mum who had just gotten out of hospital... well, I don't blame him, and really I wouldn't leave my Mum at home on her own either.  
Anyway, we had a concert for our once a month 'Music in the Gallery' session of Adam O'Connor.  He's a guitarist who was brilliant.  He also had a flautist, singer and pianist who played with him as well while people sat and listened; and he had a cd he was selling at the front desk for $10 each.  He sold two of them - one I bought and the other Jillian bought - and I've burnt a copy for Mum and Dad because I thought they'd like it.  

Then, on Sunday, I had the Creative Markets; which was slow.  I sold nothing... in fact, nobody really sold anything during the day.  People walked past and looked, said things were pretty and walked out.  I had a 10 year old ask to see all the Itty-Bitty Jugs and then walk away with a snide grin on her face, not wanting to buy any of them.  Her Mum caught up with her telling her to stop doing that to the retailers and apologised to me, and I said I wanted to hear the apology from her daughter not her... and the kid just stood there smiling.  Grrrr!  She just didn't show any remorse for anything she had done. I knew there'd be kids like this out there, but man, what kind of person will this child grow into if she's like this now?

Anyway, I got myself an early night after we all packed up 15 minutes early.  None of us made any money - and blamed it on the long weekend.  We knew it was because our regular customers were on holidays.

Monday was a busy day for me.  Dad got me to arrive at their place earlier than I usually do to get the car out and about to buy some things for it.  He bought me windscreen wipers - because the ones it had were stiff and old - and a dashboard matt, which came from Supercheap.  Before that, we took the car in to get a quote on getting the back window tint fixed up.  Anyway, we got everything we needed for now before I took off to my craft group for the afternoon.

Today, I went out to get a few little things for myself - mainly stuff I forgot at the shop last Wednesday - and to see about getting a few things for the car from K-Mart.  I found myself a nice plastic toolbox for the boot where I could put all the stuff that's rolling around the boot into it, and it fits, well and doesn't move around.  Then, I paid off some of a layby at Woodys' (an AC/DC vinyl of 'Back in Black') and I was off to Coles to get some supplies for myself and tomorrow night before returning home and jumping onto here to check my mail and other stuff.

Yep, my little car is settling into my life well... it's easy to drive, easy to park and once it gets going, it's easy to just keep going.  A sweet little green ride, I love my car.  Dad is happy that I'm taking care of it too.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.


  1. Two of my friends just got a brand new car in late April. One friend drives a Toyota Aurora (the top of the range model) and another friend just got the brand new corolla sedan. The owner allowed me to sit in the sedan since I own the hatchback version of the same colour corolla.

    1. Very cool! :D

      I've been driving everywhere in my little car over the last week. And just today, I washed my Little Green Machine. :D