Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Was Something Different!

April started out like any other month.  This month, I had the Pajero, some money in my pocket and the days were nice and warm.  However, by the end of this month, things were far, far different for me!

At the beginning of April, the weather was beginning to show its true colours.  The days were shortening, they were becomming cooler at night and hot during the day... yes, we were starting to feel Autumn show up each day.
Before the week was out, I had bought a new plant to put into the half pot on the new fence and bought a set of hand weights to help me get rid of 'tuckshop arms'... eeww, hate those arms you get when you're not working out and have lazy muscle. 
Then, I picked up a box from Mum and Dad's place that Dad made when he was in high school.  He just had to fix the lid of it.  I found it during a clean out last year and wanted it to add to my collection in my bedroom to put all my other necklaces; and now it was fixed up.  
Before long, my garden was in bloom again with the Moch Orange bursting into flower and attracting the bees and anything that loved flowers.  The new plant I had bought was settling in and I repotted a few other plants around the place... yep, my garden was looking great.

I got back into working on my Crafty Pegs again for the Creative Markets, especially the coathangers; as I had sold some at the March markets, and then I used rest of my varnish up on the last week of April to finish up the work for the market; and I was ready for it all.  I had even started on a new style and set of pegs - metallic style pegs, very pretty.
Easter was here before you knew it.  And I was at Mum and Dad's place to see Riley, Gabe and my folks.  Even Jay the dog was there.  I gave Riley and Gabe their Easter pressies and the next day I gave Mum and Dad their gift.  Riley got a turqoise pendant, Gabe and Kat got a shade-loving Bromiad and Mum and Dad got an Italian cookbook for Aussie kitchens.  They all loved their gifts... and we all got chocolate from Mum. 

I took part in the International Bookcrossing Day, and had fun Wild Releasing two books from my collection.  One book went off to Bunnings at Underwood and the other book was left outside Centro at Springwood.  I hope somebody enjoys them both; and I do hope somebody picked them up.  Anyway, that was a few weeks back now, so I'm sure they're gone now.
The next day - 22nd, April - was Earth Day.  I spent time in my garden to commemorate the day.  And I recycled as much as I could to help my planet.

Then... the most amazing thing happened!  The very next day, I went shopping, came home and received a phone call from my folks... they had found a nice little Holden Astra for me at Stone's Corner.  They wanted me to go and look at it.
I was tired from shopping, but I went!  I saw this little green machine and loved it!  Within 24 hours, that little green Astra was sitting in my driveway, had plates on it and was registered in my name... and now, it's my Little Green Machine!  Since last Thursday, I've driven to Holmeview, Springwood, Woodridge, Carindale, Holland Park, Mount Gravatt West and back home to Woodridge... yep, I've enjoyed my little car so far.  And we have a long way to go.  

I went to the Creative Markets on Sunday.  It wasn't very good.  None of the retailers made any money.  My stall wasn't the same.  I set up in good time, but forgot my singular Magna-Pegs.  So, I put away my easel.  The lady next to me kept pushing her stall over the boundary to use up more space.  I kept pushing my table back so she wouldn't.  Other than that, people walked past us and paid us compliments and not money... nobody bought anything and we all packed up 20 minutes early because the place cleared out of customers early.  The day wasn't rainy or cold... it was hot and sunny, so there wasn't anything wrong with it; except it was a long weekend.  Yep, we lost out on a long weekend.  Well, that's how it goes sometimes.  April was certainly something different, how was your month?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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