Monday, May 5, 2014

A Busy Weekend

This past weekend has been busy... and you guys know I love to keep myself busy, now I have a car of my own.

On Friday night, Winter came to Brisbane - not to mention the rest of Australia - very abruptly.  We copped a big storm and then the temperatures plumetted!  So, over the weekend, we had freezing temperatures to remind us that the chilly season was definitely upon us.  On this day, I was at Mum and Dad's place to get a pair of jeans hemmed up by Mum.  We spent the afternoon hanging out and laughing.  I was expecting Mick, a new man who I've begun seeing, to come over for dinner that night.  However, he texted me and said he wouldn't be able to make it.  So, I had the night to myself.  Mum asked if I minded.  I was a little let down, but I knew I'd see him at some point after he got his work finished from that week.
We went to Aunty Heather's house to drop some things off and she saw my Little Green Machine.  She loved it, saying it was just gorgeous!  Before we knew it, it was getting on a little, Mum and I were back at her place, I was on the kitchen table being sorted out for the jeans, and there was a storm brewing over the back... those few hours flew by!  But I had to get the car home and under cover!  And as I pulled in, I got it under the car port with 10 minutes to spare... phew!... how was that for timing!

Well, that was Friday night.  

Saturday was cold.  I stuck around the house, stuffed around on here and did some washing up, tidying up and put things away.  Then, after dinner, I locked up the house and Mick was there on Facebook and he asked if he could pop around ... well, yeah of course he could.  It wasn't late and we had missed out on dinner, so he wanted to catch up that night. 

Sunday was a cooler day.  We got up, ate nice hot pancakes for breakfast and both of us had our own outings to go to.  I had been invited to Gabe and Kat's place to show them my car - and Riley was there - and Mick had to go and take his niece out for the day.  So, we said our farewell's and were on our way.  
I picked up the GPS at Mum and Dad's place where Dad thought I had forgotten how to use it - which I hadn't - and lectured me about how to find an address on it.  Then, I was on my way.  It took me about 40 minutes or so of steady driving to get to their place and I followed the directions to the letter!  And once I arrived, it was really cool.  They all loved the car.  Gabe photographed it with me next to it, and me not next to it.  And after we had a quick coffee, we were off... to a gem show, where Gabe drove the car because I didn't know where the show was.  
He loved it, saying it was a sweet ride and had a lot of life in it.  The gem show was cool.  I had around $30 to spend and I spent every penny of it on some very cool things.  I scored a bag of Zebra Stones for $5.00, two thinly sliced pieces of stone for $5.00 a piece, rummaged through a box of .50c stones and found some really pretty ones and bought two expensive Zebra Stones that had been polished up really nicely so I could make them into pendants.  Yep, we had a great day there before driving back to their house for another lunch and coffee... then I was off just before Riley headed off to her Mum's place.

It was a good drive home.  The traffic wasn't horrible and I had a nice drive without any cross-winds this time - unlike drive up there.

Today, I was out at my craft group.  Anne wasn't there, but Nell was.  And a few of the ladies saw my little car and they loved it!  They thought it was a gorgeous shade of green and thought it was brand new - until I told them it was second-hand - and they were amazed at how well-cared for it was.  
I got two magna-pegs painted up, ready to have magnets stuck to the backs of them.  And I had six other pegs all readied up for designs to be painted onto them.  We had a birthday today too; of Gloria, who is in her late 80's.  She brought along a Hazelnut cake to share with us.  
So, there was my weekend and today's things that went on.  What did you get up to?  Was it a fun weekend?  Or was it a lazy one for you?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

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  1. Until next a year or so ago, that weekend would of been a Labour Day weekend but the public holiday changed to early October.