Saturday, May 31, 2014

At the Movies: 'Before Sunset'

It's 2004 and Jessie Wallace is in a bookstore in Paris launching his first book.  He's being interviewed by the press there as he chats to them over an intimate setting of champagne cocktails and hand-held cassette players, when he turns around and spots Celine standing in the corner of the store; in a place where nobody can see her but him.

He was in the middle of saying something, when her presence put him off for a second... just a second.  However, he wrapped up the interview quickly, chatted with her in the corner and asked her out for coffee.  
What goes on after this meeting in the bookstore is a walk through the small Paris side streets to a lovely little coffee shop where Celine and Jessie sit and talk about the past, their lives since they met in Vienna and his book. 
The two finish their coffee and take a walk through a garden on Sale Day, talking about life, loves and marriage and children, all the while keeping an eye on the time - as Jessie has to get to the airport to fly back to New York, back to his family.  They end up at the Sein where they board a boat and chat more; however the more they talk about his book, the more the subject seems to touch a raw nerve on Celine.  Soon, Jessie meets up with his driver and offers to take her home; which she hesitantly accepts.  
Once in the car, things seem to turn from bad to worse, as she totally explodes at Jessie about how horrible life has been for her since Vienna.  She's had failed love affair after failed love affair and nobody has reached the standard of their one and only night together - not their ultimately close, wonderfully fun soulful night together - ever!  To make things worse, she finds out that he's not happy in his marriage; and he knows that his wife isn't happy but doesn't know what to do about it.
Once back at her place, they hang out, drink some tea and relax more; now everything is out in the open.  Celine even plays her guitar for him while her cat curls up on the bed; all the while, Jessie is stalling as he watches her dance to the music playing on the cd player.  Celine turns to him, 'You... are going to miss your plane.' he grins, 'Yeah... I know.' 

I love both 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset'... and there's a third one called 'Before Midnight' which I have on order and it was made in 2012.  I can't wait to see that one and wonder what it's going to be about, how much further will their affair go in the third film?

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