Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Day Out

Seeing I've got my own set of wheels now, I'm going to get myself out and about once a week to a place for a day trip somewhere.  I'll make it on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but I'll do it to get myself out of the house... and I'll take my camera with me to make it fun.

Today, I wanted to go to Mt Coot-tha Lookout.  However, the weather was overcast and I didn't want to go there only to not see much of a view or be stuck in the car because it's raining.  So, instead, I decided to drive to the wetlands over near the Smart Tip at Browns Plains.  I have a friend who's buried over there and I haven't been to her grave since she was laid to rest.  So, I found my way there and remembered where the service had been held.  But the problem was that I didn't know which tree so I took a photo of two trees which looked around the same age... and you know?  I just looked at the photos of the service from last year, and I found I did take a photo of the right tree!  I'm relieved!

After I paid my respects to my dear friend, I was off again to Browns Plains, to The Really Good Book Store.  This place is amazing!  It's a book exchange where the book credit is without an expiry date.  So, I have bought books there and decided to keep them.  And have hunted around in there for hours and found the most amazing things!  
Today, I bought three books.  There's one book about books I bought for a challenge this month.  Then there was an autobiography about an Australian woman who I admire who is on a book review show on the ABC... and I can't wait to read this book about her.  Then, as I was perusing a shelf in another part of the store, I turned, looked down and found a dark green cover of a really old book looking up at me.  It looked lovely and aged, and I picked it up, opened it up and looked at how old it was... then took it to the counter.  This book was titled: 'The Treasury of English Literature' by Robert Cochrane.  It looks amazing and it's from Scotland!  So, I bought it for $10.00!  

After I was out of there and to the car, I was off to Mum and Dad's place.  I needed to see Dad about something for my bathroom.  I wanted to do a few little things to my bathroom that would make it look and feel nice.  Okay, the cabinet is good, and so is the towel rack, but it badly needs colour!  The whole colour scheme is beige and white... and beige and white... and well... blah!  So, I'm going to work in some nice colours and a good thick curtain I'm going to put a clip into the middle of when it's daytime and unclip it during night so there's complete privacy for me.  
Well, we watched a taped episode of 'Fargo' and had a giggle at how much like 'Dexter' it was.  Then, Mum gave me a bag of books to drop off to The Really Good Book Store at Browns Plains.  But before that, Dad asked me about my boyfriend... I don't have a boyfriend.  I have a new man in my life, sure, but we're not an item as yet... and I'm not calling him my boyfriend, yet.  Well, he got all weird and snappy about not knowing who I was seeing.  I know he was being protective, but really, I didn't want him to know until I was certain this man and I were going to be together on a more permanent basis.  Dad made me feel like I was back in high school again; and this is something I hated.  Even Mum told him to back off from me and let me do my own thing with my life.

Well, long story short, I ended up clamming up about my new man and Dad asked me more questions and I just stopped talking.  It's something that happens between my Dad and me.  I can't explain it.

After 'Fargo', Dad seemed to forget about what happened and went downstairs to make some noise... and Mum and I organised some books and junk for me to take to Browns Plains.  She felt good that I was taking them off her hands.  I felt good about it too as I was taking some Ray BradBury books back into my possession that I had lent her last year and she hadn't read yet.  

So, that was my day out.  Dad had cut a longer length of pole and kept the shorter one, and now I have saved money with that.  Now all I need to do is buy nice little end bits for it, attach the hooks that were in the bathroom back onto the sills (which I still have) and then find the right kind of curtain material I need to make a curtain... it won't take long to find a good curtain material.  And then, I'll hem the ends and make the top end into a loop, slide the pole through and slip on the end bits and it'll be sweet.

What was your day like?  Busy like mine?  Or ordinary?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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