Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a huge day... so I've waited until tonight to write about it, as it's the first time I've had to sit down and do anything about writing about it.

It was a lovely, warm, sunny day; and yet we were supposed to have rain.  I had made a huge garden salad, and Mum had made a Wong Bok Salad, and we took them over to my brother's place at Brighton where we were meeting up with the rest of the family.
Traffic wasn't too bad, and we had a good run.  Gabe had the pizza oven going, hot and music playing when we arrived.  A stray chicken had made her escape from the coup and was running around the place... but we didn't worry about it, as nobody tried to catch her.  Soon after we arrived, we exchanged gifts, grabbed ourselves some drinks and the pizza making started up, along with the salads.
Around 8 pizzas were cooked up - one after the other - and they were devoured just as quickly.  The salads vanished too.  Almost two thirds were gobbled up as we all sat down and ate lunch... it was wonderful!  I'm so happy they all enjoyed my improved 'Cee Salad'... as most of the ingredients started with the letter 'C'... hehe.  
Soon after the salads were put away and everyone felt like taking a nap out on the lounge outside, coffee was made and Gabe baked some chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies in the pizza oven!  Well!  They vanished as quickly as he put them out!  These things didn't have time to cool off as we snatched them up, still soft and hot from the oven... yummo!  the chocolate was melting and the nut chips were hot... delicious!  And did they go well with the plunger coffee!  
Before long, it was 4:30pm and it was time to take off.  We had enough coffee and food in us to tide us over for the night and the trip home.  And when I arrived at my place, I forgo making dinner as I was still full from lunch... by around 10pm, I was in bed writing in my journal and reading a book.  It had been a long day for me.
However, I had given Mum a lovely 3-pack of organic relishes.  They were in a box with the word 'Organic' scrolled across the lid and a white ribbon tied around it.  I had found it at 'The Big Apple' down the road for $12 or so and thought it would be perfect for Mum as she loves this kind of thing... and Dad would enjoy eating them too.  They were sealed properly and looked gorgeous.  Mum loved it!  I'm looking forward to knowing what they taste like. 

So, how did you spend Mother's Day?  Was it taking your Mum out to lunch or dinner?  Did you have a picnic lunch?  Or did you have a laid-back affair like we did and enjoy lunch with family at a relative's house?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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