Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Busy-ness...

Well, today I've finally been able to kick back and have a bit of time to myself.  

Yes, finally.

The weekend was a non-stop blurr of running around and getting from one place to the next.  However, I made it through and was spat out the other end into the place known at Monday morning to start the next working week... and what a week it started out to be!

On Saturday, I worked the Logan Art Gallery in the afternoon.  We had a concert there with around 75 people attending it and it was a great success.  Before that happened, there were The Creative Markets taking part in a weekend of Logan City Council works around the place to pull the community together in peace and love and colour.  It didn't really go as planned, but some of them did make some money.

I arrived there early and asked Michael if I could pitch my art proposal to him.  He said yes, when he should have said for me to make an appointment... and he didn't regret it.  He was impressed with my work and loved how it all worked together.  There were some pieces he wasn't too keen on, but then I said there was room for flexibility... so he was happy with that too.  He took copies of everything and posted it in for me, saying if he was happy, he was sure it was going to go through.

Well... that was Saturday.  Wish me luck with the exhibition.  I really do hope I get in... and it'll be put in next year.

Sunday was a cold start, which warmed to a nice hot day.  The Creative Markets was really, really tiny though.  There were supposed to be around 30 stalls, but there were only 20 or so, and there was no entertainment, no jumping castle and no super heroes... and this was mainly because collection of our retailers who normally showed took off to a new market at Beaudesert where their stall rental was free for the first week. 
This was dreadful for us.  But then, with around 80 stalls there, competition was huge, and we had a few regulars show to ours.  Then I found out that one of the retailers was involved in a car accident last week which wrote off their beautiful Statesman; but they weren't hurt - thankfully.  However, they won't be at the markets for a while. 
Well, the day was slow for most of us.  Fortunately for me, I made over $40 on Sunday.  It's nice to make a little money on Crafty Pegs and at the markets.  And do love what I do; and that's the main thing of this venture:  to enjoy what I do and make a little money out of doing it.

Then, yesterday was my craft group.  I sat there and enjoyed painting a few pegs, looking at the books and magazines that were given away and picked up some buns to eat for lunch as well.  I also scored some white pillowcases to do some hand-stitching on.  
Afterwards, after we all finished up our group at 3pm, I drove to 'Turner's Nursery' and asked about getting a new cork for the terrarium I've inherited.  However, they didn't stock cork, and suggested I tried an orchid nursery.
Instead, I drove home, and phoned around and found a cork suppliers at Bardon which supplied the whole of Brisbane with cork for just about anything.  The lady said to bring in my terrarium to have it measured properly so the cork they cut for me will fit the hole in the top.

Today, I looked around the house and decided that today was the day I started on cleaning out my house completely... I've already put one bag in the boot of my car, there's one by the side door to put in the car, and I've thrown out two bags of rubbish in the bin.  So, that's a good start... again.  I know this is taking me a long time to get done.  However, I'm getting it done through being slower than usual.  I am working on a little bit of my place at a time and making sure it gets finished.  Wish me luck!   Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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