Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Busy Tuesday

I slept in today.  Well, I had a very late night last night, and so I stuffed around in bed until after 8am; besides, I didn't feel like getting up... not until I was ready.

And once up, I grabbed the clean laundry, sorted it and then grabbed the dirty laundry and put on a load of smalls and my pajamas before I started breakfast.  I read some of the Sunday paper and listened to the radio and then hung out the first load and put on the second small load and hung that out too.  
By then, breakfas was finished, I had begun putting away the clean washing up and I wanted to get out there and wash the car.  So, I pulled on my wellies and organised myself and got out there into the car port and washed my Little Green Machine.  It took me about an hour to wash it and put everything away and lock up the car... but it felt good to have a nice clean car to use.

Once that was all done, and all the stuff that needed drying out was hung up on the line, I got talking to my neighbours.  They're staying on for another 6 months and their landlords are going to look into having the other fences around their place fixed up.  It ought to go well, once their fences are fixed and the place looks good.

But I'm going to be on here for another hour before I get in and put away all the laundry in my bedroom, tidy up the living room, wash up and tidy up the kitchen a bit.  Then, I'll get in and do a bit of painting of coathangers and see how far I get with them; as on Friday, I'll be doing a big varnishing and wrapping day for the Creative Markets before taking next week off to do my own thing.  

Yep, today is going to be a busy one.  I hoping to be able to work out my weeks better soon.  With a car, I want to be having one day out a week where I'll take off for a day to a place I used to drive in the Celica and I'll tell you guys about the place.  I might even take up ice skating again... now that ought to be great!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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