Saturday, May 17, 2014

At The Movies: 'Bed of Roses'

Lisa Walker is a high flying business woman working in New York City.  She's in her late 20's living her dream of climbing that ladder in the business world and smashing that invisible glass ceiling... actually, she's made VP of her company!  How brilliant is that?  
While she's in London on a business meeting, she receives a call from her boss to let her know that her father, Stanley Krazney, has passed away.  She's shocked, but not too rattled by it and comes back home to where she finds her goldfish has also died in her absence.  This is the last straw:  Lisa breaks down at the table where her fish is floating on top of the water and starts to cry.
The next day, she's at work... taking calls, ordering people around and making the most of the day.  It's another day and she's making sure she's going to earn her keep!  One of her friends about the office taps on her door and lets her know that there's a deliver down at reception.  Lisa goes down to find the most amazing display of flowers in a gorgeous glass vase she's ever seen in her life sitting there waiting for her.  A man to her left tells her: 'Put 7UP in the water, they last longer.' she signs for them, thanks him and takes them to her office.
Within hours, she's in a meeting with her peers and her boss and, when the meeting is finished, her boss tells her to take the rest of the week off.  He insists upon it, telling her to stay away from work or she's fired.

So, exactly what does an ordinary person do on a Tuesday afternoon?

For a little while, she sits around her home not knowing what to do... until she notices the card that came with the flowers.  It's not written on, or signed by anyone, but the flower shop address is on the back.... she gets an idea.

Before the day is out, Lisa meets Lewis, the man who delivered the flowers.  He's at the New York Library and he tells her that the person who ordered the flowers wanted to stay anonymous.  However, that night, she can't sleep, so Lisa gets up for a glass of water, walks out to her lovely floral display on the table where the fish bowl used to be, and admires it for a moment.  Her eyes wander outside to the street, where she spots Lewis staring up at her window!

The next day, Lisa shows up at Lewis' store an hour before it opens and he does too, to find her waiting there across the road, hiding from him.  He runs across to talk to her and invites her to breakfast, where he admits to being the secret admirer.
From here on in, the movie covers the week of them getting to know each other.  It's sweet, charming, music-filled and wonderful.  The next thing you know, the week's gone and Lisa is back at work and she's also dating Lewis, who has fallen in love with her.  But Lisa is hiding a secret from him... one she doesn't think he can handle as he pushes her to meet his family; and with Christmas around the corner, he has plans of his own, ones where he hopes she says:  Yes. 

I bought this movie when the movie came out.  Christian Slater is my all-time favourite movie star and I've had a huge crush on him since I was around 16 years old.  He hasn't had the best movie career, but he's made some really good gems over the time he has been on the big screen as well as small.  And with this movie based in NYC, it's got a charm of its own.  Well worth a see - especially around Christmas Time.

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