Friday, May 16, 2014

Out With Mum

Today I was out the door at around 9:30am.  The skies looked overcast and rain spattered on the windscreen a little as I pulled out of the car port as Jethro Tull began to blast from the speakers of my cd player.  Yep, it was going to be a weird old Autumn day here in Brisbane.

I drove to Mum and Dad's place.  Dad was at Air/Sea Rescue Training today and so Mum was on her own today.  And so Mum and I went to the Transport Department to see if I could get a further discount on my regostration for my car... but it looked like because of my plates being purchased and stamp duty, we had a larger amount of money to pay.  Next year it'll be cheaper - well fingers crossed!
Anyway, Mum suggested we go to get some coffee, but I wanted to take her to a bookstore over at Browns Plains and asked if she'd like to go.  She said okay and we took off there.  However, halfway there, she started feeling indigestion really bad.  Fortunately, I knew of a chemist that was not far along the road and pulled in there for her buy some ant-acids.  However, as I pulled into a parking space, I ran over a bottle we both thought was plastic, but it was glass!  Damn!  While I was looking around for somebody to help clean up the glass before moving my car, Mum was looking at how cheap the vitamins were in the place.  Very cool!
Anyway, before we knew it, we were off again.  And I found The Really Good Book Shop, park nearby and opened the door to the place for Mum and she stopped right inside with her mouth open... she was shocked at how many books there were.  She did have a plan of which author she was looking for and how many books she was going to look at buying - if any - but when she walked inside, that all went out the window.  I asked which books she was looking at getting and she told me that she had forgotten and she was taking in the place - absorbing it - and she started to get the giggles.  The lady at the counter saw me and said hi and I introduced Mum to her and she asked Mum what she was looking for, but Mum was still absorbing the place.
They got talking about the bookstore Mum worked at while I was in high school - Charring Cross Bookstore at Chardon's Corner.  And they had heard of it, but didn't know if it was still open or not.  Then, Mum looked around and asked about an author and she was shown the place in the store... so I walked off to the Classics area where I looked into what I could pick up next to read (not that I don't have enough already!), and found myself a copy of 'Slaughterhouse 5' I haven't read it or own a copy of it yet... and have been wanting to, so we got our books and took off to MacDonalds just down the road.
It was a lovely place this one, very open, and enjoyed something to eat and drink while we were there.  And then, we chatted about a few things and watched as people went through the drive through eating, drinking and texting as they drove... wondering how they didn't run their cars into the car in front of them.  
Before long, it was time to head off back to Mum's house and we sorted through some cd's and books and other stuff Mum didn't want.  We listened to some music and I collected together a few things and scored myself a free telephone for upstairs (as that one I have up there was stuffed).  And so, I packed the car, and was back on the road again. 

I arrived home just in time for the rain to pour down from the heavens!  Wow!  How's that for timing?  Well, while it poured, I went out the side door and collected the rest of the my gear and fixed up my house to look like I was home.  It's been a good day out with my Mum.  This weekend, I'm going to catch up with my reading and a bit of housework.  What are you up to?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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