Saturday, May 24, 2014

At the Movies: 'Before Sunrise'

Jessie and Celine are traveling around Europe on their own private holidays until their lives cross while traveling from Budapest to Vienna by train.  Celine is sitting across a couple who begin arguing and decides to move when they become loud; and she sits across the aisle from Jessie - and American who is on his way home.  As the arguing couple walk past and into the next car, he leans across to Celine and asks if she knew what their argument was about; she tells him she's doesn't speak the language much... and this is where they start to talk.
From here, they move to the lounge car and share a meal until the train reaches Vienna - Jessie's last stop.  He almost get off the train, when he approaches her and explains it's his last night in Europe and he'd love to spend it walking around Vienna with her.  She hesitates, but he reassures her that if he turns out to be a sleaze, she can jump onto the next train to Paris - where she was heading - and he won't be offended.  Fortunately, she says yes, grabs her stuff and they disembark to put their luggage into a locker overnight.  

For the whole movie, they're chatting about their lives, loves, hates and family and friends - as well as themselves.  There's great insightful opinions shared as they walk around the late afternoon of Vienna, across bridges, along the Danube and into clubs, pubs and restaurants where they talk and make eyes at each other and continuously flirt into each other's hearts... all the while knowing they're only going to know each other for twenty-four hours.  

This film is a funny, touching and sweet movie about how two people can connect, no matter where they meet, how different their backgrounds are and what has happened before or will happen after... the question still remains at the end of this movie, though, as Celine and Jessie part at the train station:  will they meet up in 6 months as planned?  Or will they forget and life will go on?  Wait and see when next week, I'll review 'Before Sunset' - part two of this series of movies by these two great actors.

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