Sunday, May 11, 2014

At the Movies: 'Back to the Future I, II & III'

Marty McFly is a skateboarding high school student a small town in California where he's from a family known for failure.  He's also good friends with Doc Emmett Brown; a known scientist, who is also known for failure.  
However, on October 26th, 1985, Marty arrives at Doc Brown's place and finds it empty.  It's a mess and there's experiments still in progress - and switched on - all over the place.  It's been like this for a week.  Marty is worried something has happened to Doc, and so hangs out for a bit to practice his guitar on the biggest amp you'll ever see!  Well, the amp explodes, throwing Marty across the room and the phone rings... it's Doc.  He wants Marty to meet him at the local shopping mall at 1:15am that night; and oh, don't use the amp, there's something wrong with it.
Marty shows up at the shopping mall on his skateboard to find the place empty... except for a truck and Einstein (Doc's dog; his faithful companion).  In the back of the truck is a Delorian... all tripped out to the max!  Doc Emmett Brown has invented a time machine... and what better way to go than in a cool car like this!
Over the next three movies, this car, Doc Brown and Marty McFly takes us to 1955 where Marty's parents meet - and Marty fixes up their meeting so they're better people, not only in their lives, but in society - and Doc Brown helps him with this too.  Then, they travel into the future to help save Marty and Jennifer's children and make a fine mess!  Marty finds an Antique store where he buys a book on sporting results, and it gets stolen - along with the Delorian - and Biff (his Dad's bully from school) changes everything in the world and the 1985 Marty knew is gone and is corrupt and deadly; especially to his family.  This one is great!  As there's a lot of flash-backs and hilarity.  Then, the third and final chapter of this trilogy is set in the past when Marty receives a letter from Doc after the Delorian is struck by lightning and Marty is stuck in 1955.  He has to go further back in time to 1885 to save Doc from being killed by Biff's Great-Grandfather... woah, this is heavy, right?  Yeah, but it's good fun steampunk, sci-fi, funny entertainment.  In this third movie, Michael J Fox  plays a few characters besides Marty... and in the second one he plays his son and his own daughter... so that's heavy too.  Also in this third on, Doc falls in love with Clara Clayton; who was supposed to die by falling into a ravine but didn't... and then he really hates that infurnal time machine!  So, when we're taken back to 1885, we get to see everyone's families right at the beginning... the McFly's, the Tannan's... and Doc (who isn't really supposed to be there, but then, in those times, who was?).  Marty gets to return home with the ingenius ideas of Doc Brown's inventions and a bit of hijacking of a train engine and 'thinking fourth dimensionally' - which Marty has problems with throughout the trilogy, but gets the hang of at the end, just as he and the Delorian show up in 1985 (the right one this time) right on time for everything to be back to normal.  Marty's family is great, he's got the girl of his dreams, the car of his dreams and ... oh yeah, what's that?  An oncoming train and the door of the Delorian is stuck?  Oh!  This is heavy as hell!

I love this trilogy.  I watched them all in one sitting last night between 6:30 right through to 11:15pm.  And as they always do, they made me laugh!  I don't think this movie can be remade... it's retro, it's steampunk, it's fantastic... it's heavy... it's wonderfully brilliantly made.  And if Hollywood ever remakes it?  Shame on them!

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  1. loves these movies too! Been a while since I last seen them. Actually I am not sure which one of us had the ownership of them now.