Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fiddly Thursday

Yep... there's always one or two days a week there, you get in and do fiddly things around the house.  You know, the annoy crap nobody wants to do... like paying the phone bill or cleaning the bathroom and toilet... fiddly stuff that you'd rather ignore than do.

Well, today is that day where I do those things.  And I've already begun on the short - yet fiddly - list of things I need to get done.

So far, I've washed the car (as I do every Thursday).

Half the washing up is done.

I have organised with Aunty Helen to share some of the veggies in Mum and Dad's fridge with her.

I've uploaded some work I got done onto Crafty Pegs FB page.

That was this morning's chores done... it doesn't sound like a lot, but it was all done in around two hours.
Now, this afternoon, I have a fair bit of work to get done, and it's fiddly as hell.  There's a lot of work I have to get done in the living room to get the lounge cleared.

Clear out the Green Bags filled with filing.

Pay my phone bill.

Wash up everything and wash the kitchen floor (these go hand in hand as it's in the same room).

Critique some work in time for Saturday's writer's meeting.

Stack books away in my office that need to stacked (the place looks like a fire trap at the moment and less organised than it normally does).

Clean the bathroom.

Put away all the laundry.

Well... that's about it for the day of fiddliness... yep, today is something I don't want to get into, but yet it will be filled with stuff that's fiddly and needs to be done or it'll turn into some thing bigger and bigger; then it'll never get done because it's just too big for me to get done.  Have you ever done that?  Left something for so long that you've turned around one day and found it sitting there in a big pile and realised you've been a big dork and should have done that sooner rather than ignored it?  Yeah, me too; and it got me nowhere.  Now, I make sure I get things done when they need to get done - not matter how fiddly they are - because if the job is done when it's small, it'll be easier than if I leave it.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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