Saturday, May 3, 2014

At the Movies: 'A League of Their Own'

Dot and Kit are sisters who live on a farm in 1943.  World War II has broken out and baseball's greats have been drafted to go to war.  This is dreadful for baseball fans across America... what happens if the whole league goes down the toilet and there's nobody to play the game for the next, who know's who many years?
So, the sponsors of the game get together and employ one guy to work on pulling together a few girls from the farming areas of America.  Dot and Kit are just two of them.  And this great movie is the true story of the All American Girls Baseball League. 

I have the special edition dvd of this movie where there's interviews with the actual women who were members of this league - women who are now no longer with us.  The interviews were done in 1987 and put to video tape; then transfered to dvd in 1992.  It's kind of sad to watch knowing they are all gone, with just their memory in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  But do see this movie for the fun, the game, the wonderful togetherness of the teams and of course the sadness of how the war affected them all.

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  1. had seen this movie many times and read the novel. The novel is more about May.