Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First Day Out Grocery Shopping

Today was my first day out grocery shopping with my Little Green Machine.  I had only half a tank of fuel and the day started out quite cool.  But I couldn't wait to get going.  
However, I found it was going to be just one of those days where nothing was going to go right.  First off, my keycard didn't work at the fruit store - so I had to use another one to buy my fruit and veggies.  Then, I came home to pick up my old key card, only to be advised by my care-taker that one of my brakelights had blown.  So, I headed over to Mum and Dad's house to get it fixed up.  Dad and I spent a little time fixing that, put it back together and then I was off to the shops again.
On the way to their place, I noticed an accident outside the post office.  Two cars were involved; and the culprit?  Well, somebody had parked their vehicle in between the driveways and blocked the view of the street for people getting out of the small shopping centre up Kingston Road.  The person getting out didn't see the car coming through and slammed right into them.  This has been a hazard for years.  I've complained about it to the Logan City Council a number of times and they won't fix it.  So, today, I saw what could happen to my car.  What's worse is that I have applied to the Logan City Council to put a yellow 'No Parking' line between those driveways to keep that area clear but they won't.  It's disgusting.  I told my Mum what happened and she said it's time I told the LCC what happened today and that it's proof they need to put that line in now.

Well, I got in and did my shopping.  I was an hour later than I wanted to be.  And I wished I didn't have to be, but it couldn't be helped.  However, I felt more relaxed than ever... I have my own car and I didn't feel as though I needed to rush to get home.  
I paid off a layby at 'Woody's' of AC/DC's Back In Black vinyl, then I was off to K-Mart to look for a hair dryer.  I found a Vidal Sassoon one for $45 with all the bells and whistles... but I had to buy a brush for it at Coles.  Oh well, can't get everything with it.  I also dropped off my prescription at the chemist (boy!  Were they busy!).  
Coles was a breeze.  I didn't spend too much money, just what I needed and that was it.  Soon, I picked up my prescription and was off to pack the car and get my butt to a service station to fill the car up.

Now, I used a discount docket and filled up my car.  I thought it was going to cost me more, but instead it cost me a mere $25.70!  How cool is that?  Very cool!  I'm happy this little car is going to cost less to run than the Pajero.  And that was when it was half empty!  So, I'm happy with that.  

Well, that was my first shopping day with my Little Green Machine.  Tomorrow, we're off to the Hyperdome where I need to get some varnish for my pegs and coathangers and then back to Woodridge to get some blank cds to burn more music for the car and put some photos on for an art proposal for and exhibition I'm hoping to get.  Yep, I'm busy this week.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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