Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It's been a busy weekend for me, so today, I thought to take it easy and chill out on the net.  Yesterday, I was out all day at my Romance Writer's Group and ended up having lunch with the girls at the Hyperdome food court.  It was great to not have to worry about when to come home because I was driving the Little Green Machine and not Mum's car.

But when I did get home so much was going on here, it was amazing.  Somebody was moving in or out of unit 5 and blocking most of the driveway in and out of the complex; making it difficult to get past one of their vehicles.  Then there was a guy running around here on a motorcycle.  Now, there's been some dude - a learner rider - running around here on his bike without his helmet.  But he's been not only using the main drive ways around the place, but also the walkway thoroughfares too.  I did report him to Darryl, but I'm not sure what's been going on with him about it.  I know Darryl went to talk to him about keeping to the driveways and away from the walkways.

Anyway, this arvo, I'm hoping to clear away the lounge room completely and permanently.  There's also some big stuff I have to get done in the corner next to the stereo system where there's some bags and boxes blocking the use of the cabinet there.  So, I really have to get in and do some serious throwing out and sorting of my stuff.  
Along with all that, there's my shopping list to get done, the newspapers to throw out from last week and my wardrobe to go through to figure out what I'm wearing and what I'm not from the last year or so.  I'm also hoping to get in the buy a new hall table after I get the terrarium done over the next three weeks; once I get the cork cut for it over at Bardon.  It shouldn't take me long to get there and back one day this week; then after that, I'll get some nice little plants, figure out what kind of stuff I need for it and work out the rest of it all... and before I know it, I'll have my terrarium ready.  This will take some time - some weeks - to pull together because the plants I'm looking at getting aren't going to be cheap and I'll buy the stuff I need for it bit by bit.  I'm also hoping to make a few for around the house too - like I'm looking at making one for the bathroom and one for my bedroom as well, just to bring some life to the house.  Anyway.  I'll see how I go with the big one first and then, I'll look around for cheap glass containers at charity stores in my travels and work with those. 

Yeah, this week is going to be busy.  But I'm hoping to see how well my house goes today and how much more I get done before the week is through.  I'm being brutal and honest about my place; now I have something to work towards; and that's to make a large terrarium a centrepiece in my livingroom.  And to make that happen - and pull it off right - the living room has to work right, look right and be tidy enough to have the terrarium be exactly what I want it to be.  Well, what projects have you been up to lately?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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