Friday, June 27, 2014

A Busy Weekend Ahead

I was up before 8am this morning, and I could still see my breath.  Yep, Winter is most definitely here in Queensland.  On Facebook, my cousin, Anthony put up photos of the ice he found on his van before he went to work this morning.... now that's something!  Ice on our vehicles - I haven't seen that since I was around 7 years old or so... but then, I haven't seen ice on our windscreens since high school.  Oh!  Wait until we have to scrap that off our cars!  

Anyway, I dressed quickly and got into doing some housework before breakfast - and during it too.  I started the laundry and by the end of eating my pancakes, I had 3 loads of laundry out on the line.  It was full to the brim with clothes, sheets and pajamas.  I had gone out to my folks' house yesterday and changed their bedding from Summer sheets to Winter sheets; and thought to wash their sheets today - seeing I had some laundry to do today too.
While the last load of laundry was being done, I got in and washed the car.  It badly needed a good wash.  As I hosed it down, one of my neighbours who live down near the front of the complex was working out his new phone nearby spotted me and he called out.  He said that he had seen the car and thought I moved out; but I said no, it was a new addition to my life since my bird died.  He was sad to learn my little bird had passed away, and hoped that I was okay.  But he thought my Little Green Machine looked sweet, asking all the usual questions of where I got it from and looking at the space inside and how clean it was and everything.  I said that I've been washing it every week since I got it and vacuuming it out every few weeks too... and this week is a vacuum week with a dust-buster.

After we said our seeya's, and I got in and finished the car, I hung out the last load of washing and started in on the washing up in the kitchen.  I got halfway through it and really needed a break.  I had been going for about 2 hours straight and I really needed a break.  So, I let the water out and cleaned up the lounge room, bringing into the kitchen the teapot and anything I left on the coffee table last night.  I then sorted out what I'd need for my Queen Bees Craft Group on Monday and put it all in my late-Grandma's knitting bag all ready for me to work from tonight.  The purple travel box went back out the back in the craft area so I can fill it back up again with paint and pegs and brushes on Monday morning.  Otherwise, the loungeroom got tidied up and now, all I need to do is dust and vacuum this afternoon and it'll look lovely for the weekend.

By around 11am, I really needed my coffee drink.  So, I made sure I had turned off the washing machine and made my drink and headed upstairs to put some clothes away with my camera and phones... then hopped online to check my mail and to work on some of my books today for next month's romance group.  It should be good. 
The house is looking better each time I have a go at decluttering it.  It's taking more time the more I go through things, but that's expected as I moved toward going through this last room of the home office.  Anyway, that's my day of work to get done.

Tomorrow, is another busy day out and about.  I'm off to the Romance Writer's group and then home to pack the car for the Creative Markets for Sunday.  And then, I'll be out the back yard to mow the lawn and tidy up the yard and make some dinner once the afternoon turns cooler.  Then, I'll have an early night and be up at 5am on Sunday morning and be off to the Springwood Road State School for the Creative Markets... my brother, Gabe and his girlfriend, Kat are coming to this one.  I can't wait!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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