Friday, June 13, 2014

Black Friday... or is it?

Today turned out pretty good.  Yeah, it's overcast, looking like rain and the hall table was a shit of the thing to put together when it arrived, but it turned out good.

I had my laundry overloading the indoor clothes horse this afternoon - but it was mostly dry, with only the sleeves and waistbands of the clothes being damp.  So, it didn't rain as much as was forcast... this is something I'm happy about.  

I got some organising done too.  The skirts in my closet are now hanging up in my wardrobe... all of them... they have made room for the scarves and shawls that were in my tall boy set of drawers in my bedroom.  However, there weren't enough hangers for my jeans; so next week, I'll have to get some more and two wicker boxes.  The boxes are for the scarves and shawls and I'll label them as such so I know what's in them.  

Yep, today wasn't that bad.  I still have a long way to go.  There's still a lot of cleaning up to do, a lot of doing out do and a fair few charity store runs to to be done as well; but I'm happy with the stuff I've donated, thrown out and bought.  The house is looking and feeling good.
And I've left the last room - the toughest room - to take the longest.  It's my office.  There's so much in here, I will take my time and see how I do.  And seeing I have transformed the rest of the house into a lovely home with my taste throughout, I'll have to do the same with my office.  Right now, it looks and feels like just another junk room filled with books and handbags; but I want it to be an inviting room so I want to be here... anyone can be in here.  And I want to put in a lounge chair... a nice retro one where I can curl up and read a book.  However, there are a few things I'll have to get rid of before I do that... and that will be next year's big purchase, as it'll be something old, something I can't find in just any furniture store and something I'll spend a lot of time using in here... and it's gotta be comfortable too - like I said - so I can sort through my books, enjoy my collection and make sure this room stays the way it is... my library with a few collectables. 

These are my plans for my place.  What are yours?  Mine have been a long time coming, and I've had to kick myself in the butt to get them going lately... and it's been fun to work on such old-fashioned things to have them work out so well!  Over the next year, I'll be working on making sure I get the look I want and working hard on making sure everything works out... and that will take time to do.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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