Monday, June 2, 2014

Dressing 'Right' Is Wrong

I just read an article about a teenager in the States who was ordered to change her shorts because they were too short by her Principal.  She was ordered to do so in front of her classmates and peers as well as her teacher, and without a proper explanation; just that she had to because it was the rules, that if her shorts didn't reach her fingertips, she wasn't allowed to wear them.

This was to supposedly protect her from the boys in her school from ogling her and other girls wearing similar items of clothes.  So, now, girls can't wear something in Summer when it's too hot to wear anything else, while boys can wear pretty much what they want - or not want?  Very much a double standard if you ask me.

I can relate to this very thing here in Australia - as it does get very hot here in Summer as well.  Us women here wear shorts and mini-skirts to keep cool, and yet we've been told by the some that we're just screaming to be raped or beaten up.  However, I have found that if it's too hot to wear anything else, I will wear a pair of shorts and a singlet top; and I don't care what people think - no matter who they are.

Earlier this year, we had about a week of extremely hot weather.  It was disgustingly hot day and night - and nobody really got any sleep or wanted to go outside.  I dressed in a mini-skirt and a very light top to do some painting when I went outside my townhouse to check on some new Islamic neighbours of mine who immediately glared at me.  They told me I will get raped if a man came outside and saw me and ordered me to change my clothes.  I refused, saying it was far too hot to cover up... and asked if they were hot because of how many layers they had on.  They refused to answer, and kept on saying I looked cheap.

Now, I don't judge people on what they wear, tattoos, hair styles, what music they listen to, movies they watch, books they read, religious beliefs or who they love and live with.  However, for these people to tell me how to live my life and dress in the middle of a disgustingly hot lot of days in the middle of Summer when I had every right to keep cool the way I know how... well, they had no right to say such things.  I didn't tell them to strip off and wear a mini-skirt and to 'get with it' because they're in my country.  It's not my place to say that to them.  

But telling women to cover up because it might entice men to rape them or ogle them is just crap.  Men have to learn to be gentlemen.  They have to learn restraint on how they act and realise that we can't be nuns for the whole of our lives in public and wildcats in the bedroom.  So, if you men out there think us women are just sex objects, you have another thing coming; either that, or you were brought up wrong.

Teenager told to change her shorts 

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