Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

I'm normally busy on Sundays doing something to do with the house or the garden or the car... but today I'm not.  And that's a change.  

Today, I was up later than usual, went out and bought the paper and some milk then cooked up some pancakes and read some of the paper while I listened to classical music on the radio - yeah I like to really chill out to something slow on my weekends.  By the time breakfast was finished, I looked at the clock and found it was almost 10am.  I had a few things to get done and they wouldn't take very long to do.

Firstly, I pulled in the laundry off the clothes horse and put the bulky thing away in my storage facility, put the peg box away and took the laundry upstairs to fold and put away.
Then, I jumped online to check my mail, see who and how many people had read my latest installment of flash fiction on 'Terrible Minds' (and I found it had 22 people had hit my blog and 1 comment - very cool, seeing it hadn't been up 24 hours yet).  Then, I downloaded all the photos on my camera onto my hard drive in its own folder so I can clear the card on the camera without thinking I may have forgotten to upload something... yeah I do that sometimes, forget to upload photos, then they're lost.

By around midday or so, the day was still coolish.  So, I turned the computer off and went downstairs.  I had a few things I wanted to get done around the place - just small stuff really - but I'd feel better getting them done.  
I vacuumed the car out with the dust buster - and now it looks so much cleaner.  Once that was done, I found the power on it was still a bit low, so I put it back on charge again.  Then, I went to my new hall table and looked at the new picture frames to see which photos I'll change over into them.  I pulled up Little Miss Stevie's photo and put her cute little picture into a nicer frame.  And her photo looks so much better now - and the frame now matches the hall table so well!  How cool!
After that, I went out into my backyard through the side gate and looked at the plant in the hanging half-pot to find that the possums have been at it again... damn!  So, I pulled the rest of it off the main root, transplanted what I could of the foliage that does have roots down into another pot and then grabbed some shade mesh and covered the whole thing - tucking it down the back and sides, using the weight of the pot against the fence to hold it down - to keep the damned possums off it.  I have a feeling they were eating the flowers and seeds off it... and now all of those are gone, they're eating the foliage as it's full of water and sweet-tasting.  Here's hoping I've saved the plant.... wish me luck.

Anyway, I still have another few things to get done in my bedroom to go through.  So, tonight, I might get in and do some work on the office; start on cleaning this place out while I'm waiting for pay day to arrive.  On Wednesday, I'll be getting two woven boxes from K-Mart to put my scarves into and shawls into.  Then, I'll be buying a few more hangers for my jeans as well to put into my wardrobe so all my skirts and jeans aren't going to be folded up anymore, they're all going to be hung up - nice and neat.  

I still have my handbag collection to go through and my books to organise - yet again - but that will take time and effort on my part.  I will not be throwing or giving any away.  I do wish to read these books I've bought and collected.  And once I do read at least some of them, I will then put them into a book exchange or bookcross them (if they're bookcrossing books).  
My office is the very last room I'm going to face as it's the worse-organised out of my house.  I'm not ashamed to say that my office is one of the junkiest rooms around - we all have that one room which is filled with junk and at least three collections of things we don't know what to do with... well, my office is just that.  I just hope I can do something about this room and make it a permanent change rather than the few other times I've attempted working on this room... I really have to be brutal with my choices of what is to stay and what must leave.

Well, how was your weekend?  Mine was good, busy and tiring all at once.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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