Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday.... Already?

Man, oh, man!  What happened to this week?  On minute it was Monday, and the next?  Well, I opened my eyes to my alarm on my phone and it's Saturday again!  Woah!

Is it me or is this year zippin'  on by faster than I want it to?  

Well, I've gotten a lot done this week; and today was no different.  Yesterday was fun though... trying to find my way to Mt Coot-tha to meet up with Susan - a friend from college - and the GPS telling me to take the round-a-bout when it had been dug up by the Brisbane City Council!  Um... yeah, real smart move there!  Plus getting there is a lot more complicated than it used to be when I last drove there.  I mean, it is a tourist destination, right?  We are trying to get tourists to actually go there, right?  Okay... then why are we making the roads completely impossible to use?

Anyway, it's just how things are I guess.  Susan and I had a wonderful lunch and we hung around, took a lot of photos and enjoyed ourselves completely before she saw my car (as she had only seen photos of it on Facebook) and then we had to take off to do our own things.  For her, it was to pick up her kids from school; for me, I had a chiropractor's appointment on the other side of town... which took almost an hour to get to because of roadworks, bad drivers and people texting all the time while they were driving (jeez, if the adverts on the tv and the net aren't bad enough, why would you even think about texting in a massive huge truck of a vehicle in peek hour!  It's beyond me!).  

Today, I was out and gone early - by around 9:15am - to get to Vinnies along the service road to pick up some ties there.  I'm making a craft thing for a Secret Santa gift for my craft group.  It ought to be great, I can't wait to start on it.  But I'm hoping to get into it this afternoon while the sunlight is good before I start hand-stitching the ties onto a large cushion.  
After I bought the ties, I was off to the Logan North Library where Karen Tyrrell was launching her book titled 'Stop the Bully'.  It's about how to put a halt to schoolyard bullying early so it doesn't carry on into high schools and adult life.  It was a great and wonderful launch with quite a few spokespersons talking for her cause; as so many people are affected by bullying in their lifetime and nobody ever helped them.  

Anyway, I'm home now, and am hoping to get in and work on a few things around the house soon.  The computer is slowly getting back to normal and working its way through the configurations as it settles into its new tower and programmings.  I'm being patient; and when it does work well, finding it's very fast, but it does have its moments where it's slow... but right now it's scanning the whole hard drive to make sure there's nothing untoward hiding in it.... and this will help it along to work better.  Well until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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