Saturday, June 21, 2014

At the Movies: Two John Hughes Classics

Tonight, I picked out two movies that I loved from the 1980's.  They weren't from my index book and I didn't want to have to concentrate on anything major.  So, I chose 'Some Kind of Wonderful' and 'Sixteen Candles'.  Both of these films were written and produced the late, great John Hughes; and had some of Hollywood's 80's Brat Pack in them.  I love these films and do want to collect a few more of them as they're so teenaged, high school-angst-like and I don't think they can ever be remade now as there's just too much technology around.

'Some Kind of Wonderful' is about two friends who are outcasts at school.  One is Watt who is a tomboy.  She's a drummer, wears boxers, has short hair and really doesn't fit into the girly-girl way of life at high school.  Everyone at her school thinks she's into girls; when really she's into her best friend... a guy!  He a nice guy who's a mechanic after school and is saving up to go to university, but is a fantastic artist.  
Watt loves her best friend, but he doesn't know it.  He loves the most popular girl in school, who's going out with a really big jock (who is a dickhead and treats her like dirt).  So, when the most popular girl in school finds her boyfriend cheating on her and dumps him for the ordinary poor guy, everything in Watt's life is turned upside down.  Is it time to tell her best friend how she feels?  Or should she wait until it's almost too late?

The next movie is a funny movie in a stupid kind of way.  'Sixteen Candles' is about a teenager who wakes up on her 16th birthday and her whole family forgets her birthday... all because it's the day before her older sister's wedding.  She waits all day, all afternoon, all night for them to remember; but it's not until it's almost midnight when her Dad finally wakes her up that he tells her that they forgot.
But it's what happens during her birthday that makes her 16th the funniest birthday I've seen on film.  She finds out the most popular guy in school - who isn't that bad, but is going out with a bitch - likes her.  He doesn't know she likes him (and there's a big communication problem throughout the movie).  Then there's a geek who like her and tells everyone they're 'going out' when they're not!  Then, there's a party at to end all parties where a house gets trashed, the most popular girl gets with the geek - and likes it - and the popular guy is told false information about the birthday girl... that she's getting married!  Which she's not, but then, this wouldn't be a John Hughes' film without a few problems with communications, would it?  Anyway, everything turns out in the end happily.  The birthday girl gets her cake... and her wish... and the guy she was wishing for.  But it took a long time to get him and her on the same page - but doesn't that always happen that way?

Yeah, a John Hughes film duet... loved it!  Even when I had to turn off the second film while I waited out a big storm that hit my area for around half an hour... but then it was worth the wait! 

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