Thursday, June 19, 2014

Busy Week

It's Thursday and today I've been able to sit down and write this - for once - because my week has been go, go, go for the whole time!  Honestly it has!

On Monday, I was at my craft group and we all chatted about what we got done over the last few weeks, seeing last week was a public holiday, and I showed the ladies my new hall table and the terrariums I worked on.  And then they cheered me on for getting myself into clearing out my house more too.

And then on Tuesday, I was inspecting some gardening I did when my neighbours asked how my computer was going.  I said it was a little on the slow side.  Well, Rickie said for me to bring it on over and I hesitated saying I didn't know which plug went where.  So, he jumped at the chance of getting in and fixing it where it sat, grabbing his box of stuff and landing on my doorstep in a minute!  His girlfriend came over too and we all hung out for the whole day chatting drinking tea and laughing over things.
Vanessa loved my place, saying it was cosy and very retro because of the old-fashioned furniture you don't find anymore; and it was cool I enjoyed having it around me.  I told her how I got all the pieces and then Rickie showed me the mother board he wanted to give me!  It was gamers mother board he didn't use, but it didn't fit into my HP Pavilion... so I said I'd save up for a new tower.  But, nope!  He wanted to go out and get one now... that day!  I looked at Vanessa asking if they were sure.

While we were standing in Game Dude on the service road, I asked why they were doing this for me.  She smiled saying that Rickie likes helping people out with their computers.  And she appreciated what I did for her and him by standing up for them when a certain resident cut back a shrub in the Body Corporate garden right back to a stump, making it look terrible - and making my neighbours look out at a horrible view.  This was their way of thanking me for doing something most people wouldn't.  And Rickie just wants to make sure my computer doesn't blow up on me, seeing I'm a writer and artist, I'll be needing it all the time.  Very cool!

Well, we spent a good part of the day hanging out while Rickie installed the computer and Vanessa saw the rest of my place all set out.  She loved the library of books in my spare room, saying it's wonderful that there's people out there who do love the real written word instead of the iPad or e-readers.  And then she saw my bedroom suite and said it's good to make sure you get something you like... and that one day she hopes to get something like mine because it's a matter of making yourself happy in life.  

I told my older brother about my day last night and he thought it was sweet!  He said there's nothin'  like having great neighbours who you really do get along with; and it's wonderful when you can just sit down and be yourself with them without wondering if they're being nice to get something out of you... and it sounds like mine are great people.  And they are.  

Yesterday, for me, it was shopping day.  I bought some things from Woodys'  and then went to K-Mart and bought two storage boxes - which were lined - for my scarves and shawls and sarongs, and then got some hangers which clipped onto my jeans for the wardrobe.  It was very cool.  When I got home, I found I didn't have an original copy of Windows7 and the computer wouldn't boot up properly.  So, Rickie came over and installed Windows - after I backed up everything on my external hard drive.  

Tomorrow, I'm out and about again.  This time, I'm having lunch at Mt Coot-tha with my great friend, Susan.  And what a place to have lunch!  Even if it's raining, we ought to have a wonderful time!  I can't wait to see her.  It'll be the first time she's seen my new car. 
This morning, I got the car washed, two loads of laundry done (and hung out on the clothes horse) and then I had to fiddle on the computer again... I'm still wondering how to get the Windows7 working.  Looks like I'll have to get Rickie or Vanessa over to help me with it as it's not working the way it did the last time.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Did the rain washed your new car or did you had to do the hard work yourself?

    1. Nah... it wasn't heavy enough... so I had to do that hard work myself. But then, I don't know mind doing the hard work, I love my car. :D