Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Week of Great Things

That title can be taken two ways.  Allow me to explain.  On Sunday,I had the greatest time with Mum.  We went to see Sir James Galway play at the Concert Hall in the city.  So many people showed up from all over.  A man sitting to my left hadn't been to Brisbane before and he looked like he had traveled a long way to be there.  There were people from all generations there; and as always Sir James didn't disappoint.  The Concert Hall was half-lit so he could see our faces, he talked to us and told us funny anecdotes while the stage was being changed over from the piano being used to chair and music stands for the string quartet.  And he commented on how much Brisbane had changed since 1986 when he was last here.  He even asked how many of us in the audience played the flute and was amazed at how little there were who did.
He stayed behind to meet people and sign his cds and I was there in line with my old photo of us when I was 13 and he was here in 1986 at the stage door downstairs.  It was really lovely.  I showed his agent and he was amazed that I had held onto it for so long.  And when it came to my turn, I said that we had met before.  He asked me: 'We have?' and nodded and showed him the photo and his eyes lit up as he said: 'We have! Oh! Don't we look cute!'  He was thrilled I had brought it in and even more thrilled I had a vinyl with me and his book; and he signed both of them for me.  This really made my night!  Lady Jeanne said that he looked cute in the photo I had brought along and I was so young too!  But by the time I got to the car out at Southbank Station, my voice was completely gone because I had gone into the night air.  I didn't care, I had gotten to talk to Sir James and that really made my year.
Monday was my first day to go out and see the doctor to see what was going on with my voice.  It hadn't gotten any better since the night before and I was afraid it had turned into something else.  However, it was just really bad sinus.  After that, I went off to Rockaways at Springwood and showed them my photo of me with Sir James and his wife and they were thrilled that I had the chance to meet him again.  Then, I headed off to Mum and Dad's place.  
Tuesday was my first day where I sat around the place and sorted out my shopping list, put out the bin and washed up everything in the kitchen.  But I didn't get to the floors.
Wednesday was shopping day and I received two parcels in the mail.  One was a HGG and the other was a parcel of books from Tasmania.  I love receiving things in the mail.  However, I'm a little late in getting HGG's out this year.  So, I'm beginning to get postcards out and other things too.  I know that sounds bad, but I've had things going on around here that are unavoidable; otherwise I've been looking at sending out things to people on Bookcrossing soon.  A postcard has already been send; with more to come soon.
On the way home from shopping, I spotted four police cares around the White Lanterns unit complex.  This place is two doors down from my unit complex.  They had cordoned the whole complex off and were putting out those yellow numbers on the footpath.  I wondered what was going on.  Well, I thought the worst and kept my back door deadlocked.  Something just as bad had occurred.  An 8-year-old boy had been stabbed in the head by a schizophrenic man with a pair of scissors.  This was because the kid had been tormenting him and just pushed him too far; making him break.  This kid had been vandalising things, throwing bricks, picking on girls and doing other horrible things around the place like playing chicken with the traffic on Kingston Road.  I hate to say this, but really, if the kid did this to somebody like that, he deserves everything he gets; especially if the parents can't reign him in.
Thursday was a day for washing and I got in and did some.  However, I didn't get much done.  So, I thought to get more done today.  But it looked like rain until around midday when I thought to get the rest of it done... and my clothesline broke!  I've been asking Dad to get a new clothesline (it's the line itself, not the whole thing that broke) hooked up but he kept putting it off.  So, now, I have to wait until tomorrow to get to Bunnings to buy the stuff and also get some Feed'n'weed (this is stuff to kill of the weeds that are destroying my backyard and feed the lawn that is struggling to get through).
So, that was my week!  And what a week!  It was big.  It was great in so many ways.  It was something where it will take a lot to top it... but it happened.  Until my next post, take care. 

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