Monday, November 29, 2010

Logan Art Gallery Christmas Party

Yesterday, I went out to the annual Christmas Party held for us volunteers at the Logan Art Gallery.  We met at the Gallery an hour later than usual and caught the bus to the Gold Coast Art Gallery.  It was a lovely day; even though the morning was full of heavy showers beforehand.
Christopher Trotter's Dragonfly
I took my camera - of course - and had a ball taking photos.  I got to sit next to one of the regular ladies who I get along with; as Mum wasn't with me this year.  Mum and Dad were off to Toowoomba to attend the birthday party of Ted Lane; a man I've known since I was six or so.  He's not very well and so they thought to go to his party; and seeing I had replied to this one - both parties were on the same day - we couldn't do much about them.  Besides, Ted's birthday was just last week.
The Gold Coast Art Gallery was lovely and the grounds were included in being arty too.  They have a Sculpture Walk where you take a pamphlet with you and you walk the grounds looking at the various sculptures around the parklands; which reach right out the back of the place.  It's amazing and well worth the time and your camera too.  They are made from many types of materials from steel to sandstone and colours as well.  I found blue and purple sculptures dotting the area too.  The best part about this whole walk was that it was well-constructed with a proper pathway which reached right out on the spit and the sculptures were well-spaced as well so they didn't interfere with each other.
Soon, it was off to Jupiter's Casino for lunch and we couldn't wait as we were ravenous from all that walking and warm day.  The place was lovely and cool and we were led straight into the restaurant and counted off by the staff as we left the bus.  The buffet lunch was absolutely delicious and we all felt totally relaxed as we kicked back and went back for seconds and thirds; and finally dessert and coffee.  Me? I had a lovely salad and a gorgeous dessert of chocolate mousse and bread'n'butter pudding with cream.  My drink was hot chocolate.  All very fresh; I couldn't finish any of it as it was too much.  
After lunch we were given our gifts for being volunteers for the year and then after that, the first year volunteers received their badges.  I decided to find a souvenir shop to get some postcards to post off to some Bookcrossers.  But first, there was the search for the Ladie's loos... and seeing I hadn't been here since I was ten (and my brother and I had gotten ourselves into some trouble zipping up and down the lifts by the staff), I really didn't know my way around the place; also, I don't go into casinos either for my own reasons.  But I did manage to get some lovely postcards (11 for around $5.00 at a newsagency) and found the giftshop; which was an absolute rip-off.  Otherwise, by the time the bus came around, I was ready to have my afternoon Christmas Nap... I think everyone was.
We had had a wonderful day.  I had gotten a good look at some Christopher Trotter's work; and yet nobody knew it was his; and I managed to get a few good photos of it too.  The Sculpture Walk was amazing and we all ate some wonderful food for lunch at one of the best places on the Gold Coast.  Also, our gift was just as lovely. We got a travel mug with a ticket to see the Australian Army Band to play on 14th, December.  What a great way to thank us volunteers.  I totally enjoyed the day.  I also put up the photo album on my facebook for anyone who is on my friends list, you're most welcome to have a look at what I've been talking about more.  Until my next post, take care. 

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