Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallow's Eve!

Well, last night was Halloween and I love this time of the year!  It's all about celebrating the dead, dressing up and giving out lollies the kiddies.  However, little do people - well a lot of people - know, this celebration isn't just one day, it's a three day festival commemorating the dead and celebrating the birth, death and rebirth of our Mother Earth.  It's also the Pagan New Year.. the but church won't let you think that.

I've been celebrating this time of the year since I was little and will always celebrate it.  I love dressing up my house and getting the lolly bags ready and carving the pumpkins too.  And the costumes you can get are just fantastic.  Forget about hiring, buy your own and you can have a costume for every year you can pick from without having to worry about where yours has been before you put it on.  I have had my witch's costume for around five or six years now and it's my pride and joy; and it really suits me too once I have the make up on and my black stockings.  It's brilliant and really makes a change to usual costumes that are thrown together by people by them picking through their wardrobe.
Yesterday, I had my pumpkins out by around 6pm and the big skull on my door too.  The place was ready and I was dressed too with my make up on; but I had problems with my necklace.  I couldn't get it on.  So, I walked to friend's unit to ask if she could help me and they did.  With a few other friends around, they saw that I scrubbed up pretty well and looked completely different in my costume.  Photos were taken and one of the guys took a photo on his phone saying I looked hot for an evil chick.  
The only kids who came around were the kids I was going to chaperon around the unit complex; as the parents trusted me enough to know which units to go to and which ones to leave alone.  So, at around 7:30pm, we walked around and to a few units, but most weren't open for 'business' - so to say.  Mine looked the best with two pumpkins, a scary mask on the front door and a few freaky stickers on the window.  But, there were two others near the front where the owners had tried hanging flies from trees, and other scary things.  And another lady had carved a pumpkin very skillfully.  Doesn't he look great?  All up, took around half an hour to get around the place and the kids only got a handful of lollies... doesn't seem right somehow that they go to all this trouble and yet they don't get the treats.  Well, I enjoy dressing up no matter what the occasion.
Once the time came, I performed my first Halloween Circle in the back yard in two years (the first one since the uni students over the back fence were evicted; now I was really nervous about my next door neighbours.  But she already caught an eyeful of what I was wearing and thought I was weirdo... so what else could I do to make this even more evident?  Yep, declare that I'm a witch in real life!).  It felt great to get back out into the night air, practicing what I was supposed to.  I totally enjoyed it and knew this is where I belonged... celebrating nature and enjoying the powers that be.  Once I closed the circle, I put the pumpkins out in the back yard and turned the television off and put a few things away.  Otherwise, I was exhausted from another Pagan Sabbath finished up.  I was off to bed... but first, I took off the costume and was back into civilian clothing and scraped off the make up before reading another thirty-five pages of the 'Midnight Breed' series: 'Midnight Kiss' - book 3.

Until my next Halloween Post.  I hope you all had a good one!  And until my next post, take care. 


  1. Looks like you have a good time and yes, it's a shame that Australians hide behind silly Anti-Americanism to not have fun on Halloween.

  2. Hey, thanks. I do love this time of the year; no matter of what people think of it. And it's for the kids really... so when I get dressed up and put on the make-up, I do it to remind myself that there's a kid still inside me wanting to get out and play dress-ups.