Friday, April 16, 2010

Ageless Beauty

Last year, around September, I wrote a post about getting my late-grandmother's piano pulled out of storage and installed into my home.  Well, today, I had the little darling tuned.
And what a tuning it turned out to be!  Martin, the
piano tuner, came around to my place and pulled the whole piano front apart and placed it on the floor.  From one look, he said that my 'Victor' piano was built around the 1920's and was in better condition than he thought it was going to be.  And he said that he'd give it a quick tune before coming back in a few days to give it more intensive tuning; so it didn't sag.  
I was amazed at the year he gave it and had to call my Mum (who's at the north coast with Dad and a few friends right now for a few days away).  She was gobsmacked to say the least!  Martin said he'd come back with a book on Tuesday and we'd be able to look at pinpointing exactly how old my piano is.  I'm so stoked about this!  I even e-mailed my brother about this news and he said it was so awesome to know and that he was sure that his daughter would look after it if I decided to give it to her (which I will as she loves playing it).  
Martin has even said that if I decide to keep it in tune
he'd happily do it for me.  I said that was my main aim to keep the piano in as best shape as I get keep her.  You see, I had asked my Grandmother if she had wanted it tuned when I was working and she had refused sadly; and I had always wanted to hear the piano at its best.  And now I have the chance to play it and learn more about it, I'm making sure it's going to sound good (also because sound in this unit complex really travels!).

Martin is glad I respect the instrument enough to do this.  I told him that I'm a flautist and that I've found it a good challenge to go from flute to piano, but it's been fun too to get my left hand moving more than what my right hand does; but it's making it catch up that matters.  
Well, he'll be back on Tuesday afternoon to fix the softener pedal and to tune it again.  However, this tuning will take about an hour and half as it has been a long time between tunings.  I'm just thrilled about how the good news keeps coming with this gorgeous instrument.

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