Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Miss Stevie Is One Famous Budgie!

Now as a lot of you may - or may not - know, I have a sweet and darling little budgie named Little Miss Stevie.  How the name came about it is quite cute actually.  I bought her as a boy, he got into a fight at a young age with another budgie and then about three months later, I had a girl.  Voila!  Stevie-K became Stevie Nicks.  But the girlie name of the same famous person didn't suit her.  So, I just stuck with Stevie and wondered about the bird over about a year or so while she bit me and tried to pierce varying parts of my nose, lips, eyes and ears.  

Then, this little vicious, female bird started being nice to me.  She began preening me and stopped trying to pierce my left earlobe again.  She stopped acting like I was the enemy and began looking at me as though I was a friend and we began to trust each other.  And then, she became a little miss... a spoilt one.  So, I began calling her Little Miss Stevie; and the name stuck!  It was such a catchy name that everyone began calling her this wonderful name and now she answers to it.
And to add to the family fame, Little Miss Stevie is turning five this month.  So, to celebrate her five years of a rollarcoaster of a life with me and my family, I've decided to propose a theme of a month of animals throughout April.  We've even attached a tag to the photos to see how many we get:  animals_of_april.  It's going well so far and I'm enjoying sharing photos of my dear sweet little bird; and everyone else online loves reading about her little antics that makes her
what she is in my life. 
So, join in the joy and love and laughter on 365project and watch over this month as everyone who follows my album gets to know my little budgie.

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