Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winter's Almost Here...

I love this time of the year... when the days can be still hot; yet the nights are little cooler.  But today, it's supposed to be warm and it's not, and I love it when Winter decides to come for a visit.  I really do hope it stays. 
Thus far today, I haven't opened any windows or doors as it's just too cool.  And when I went out to the post office, at around 10am, I felt as thought I needed a jacket and almost went back home for one.  However, as the day's progressed, I haven't had the need for the air-conditioner (whereas I had to used it and the fan over the weekend seeing both Saturday and Sunday were very hot and muggy days).  And I'm looking forward to a nice hot meal tonight for dinner.
Yep, I think the last weekend of the Easter Holidays were the last farewell to the Summer heat as today began cool, overcast and a little drizzly.  And even my little bird doesn't want a breeze on her today; so the front window is closed up tight with the curtains pulled open to let the light in.
Tomorrow, though, it yet another day... who knows what it will bring?  We may yet have a few more hot days.  After all this is Queensland!

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