Friday, July 16, 2010

An Afternoon of Bargain Shopping

Yesterday morning, I was online as usual.  However, I had to be away for a good part of the afternoon to go to the chiropractor's.  This was an appointment that I had postponed due to my allergic reaction to the generic brand of Topamax last week; and so had to go.

On the way there, I remembered that Rockaways was having a dvd, cd and vinyl sale.  So, with around $40 in my pocket in cash, I took off there first (also seeing I had caught an early bus too).  Well, I spent around an hour in the store across the way looking for James Galway records and found two very early recordings of his contemporary works.  They were well-priced too.  While I was there, I found another of an early 33 1/2 speed vinyl of Tchaikovsky for $2.00.  So, I grabbed that one and another of Bill Cosby live at Madison Square Gardens also for $2.00... I thought I was going really well!
So, I wandered back to the shop and began looking through their regular stock and found a 1950's early 33 1/2 speed big band style vinyl and played it... and it sounded wonderful!  There was a heap of piano work on it and I thought it would do well to help me improvise with my piano playing.  So, I grabbed all these vinyls and purchased them for around $12.00... a great bargain!  Just before I left the store, I spotted
what I thought was a 'Beatles' record; but it was an 'Animals' record... but then I spotted in the next lot 'B-52's'.  Well, I just had to look!  And what do you know?  It was a near new 'High Fidelity' record from 1979 for $25... how could I say no?  I looked at it and it was in wonderful condition.  So, I pulled out the last of my cash and handed it over absolutely chuffed about my find!
The owner of the shop and I had a chat about how I always seem to find good things in his store.  He said that the ones to keep looking at were the piles along the bottom.  He told me that I had good taste in music and seemed to always walk out of his shop with a good record in my hands.  I told him that I loved music and the last record I found that was in great condition was 'South Pacific' and he smiled saying it was a good find if it played well; and believe me it does!

Once at the chiropractors, I showed off my treasures to the receptionists and one of them asked me where to find the best vinyls.  I told them of Rockaways and The Record Market on Adelaide Street in the city.  She wrote them down and said that she'd look into them both.  My chiropractor had a look at my records and said he thought they looked wonderful; and he'd have a look at the Rockaways sale when he finished work that day... to see if there was anything there he'd be able to take home.  I said there would be I was sure of it.
Once I brought them all home, cleaned them up and turned on the stereo system, I listened to a little of each one... in particular, I played 'Rock Lobster' on the B-52's album!  What a record!  I love them so much!  I'm so happy I found that record when I did.  Now, I can go and find the soundtrack of 'The Breakfast Club'... now that's going to be hard to find! 

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