Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pay Day

Pay day is the best day of the week - the fortnight - and yet, it's the one day we tend to spend the most money; sometimes without thinking.  My pay day is when my pension comes in and I get to fill my pantry and fridge with food again.  I also get to go out and shop.  It's sometimes rains, is sometimes cold and is quite often sunny.

I do love getting myself out into the Winter air with my blue trolley and having my shopping list all ready, money in the bank and being ready with my walking shoes on; namely my Doc Martens.  They are the most comfortable shoes around.  I do love them when the cooler weather comes around.
Life Line was my first stop and I got a lovely hand bag
and a couple of gorgeous little coin purses.  Two of them were leather - one of them had never been used - and another was a little red 'Hello Kitty' one that I vowed if I ever came across another I'd buy it for my niece.  And so I did.  It's in lovely condition and so I walked out of that wonderful charity store with my bargains and went on to Woolworths where I do my fruit and vegetable shopping.  I also get my chocolate from there too; and I only eat Wittacker's Dark Chocolate 72% cocoa chocolate... yummo!  Seeing I don't eat ice-cream or any other creamy desserts, this is the stuff I eat after dinner with my pot of green tea.

I came across this lovely little white fluffy dog who was waiting outside a loans office on my way to K-Mart Plaza and when it didn't threaten to take my hand off, I knelt down and gave it a scratch.  The owner came out of the office and began to scold it; and when I looked up, the most unexpected person owned it.  A guy dressed in black with tattoos and piercings - the roughest-looking person - owned this cute little fluffy thing that just loved him so much.  He said that he hadn't owned a little dog before and after this one he'd probably get a big one again.  The maintenance is a lot with these little long-haired dogs and he said it got everywhere but he loved this one.  We chatted about my late dog - Jessie - and he said that Staffi-crosses were great dogs; as were anything from the medium-size up.  It's just how you treat them.  Well, he was called inside the office and I went on my way.

I paid off the 'Wolverine' dvd at 'Woodys' and now all I've got to pay off is the first and only season of 'Moonlight'... very wicked and cool! I love my vampire shows; and this one was no acception!  But I couldn't wait to get 'Wolverine' paid off.  
Then, I was off to work through my list I had written up in the last few days.  Yep, I work on my shopping list over a couple of days; as it can change and grow over that time.  And I try not to add to it on the day of the shop as I'm likely to leave it on the kitchen table (like I almost left my entire handbag next to the front door this morning on the way to the bus stop!  I had my trolley, jacket, hat and house key... but not the handbag where my money, bus pass and remote for the car gate was!).
I bought my vitamin supplement at the chemist - along with some tissues - and then went into Coles where I do the bulk of my shopping. They have a pricing war going on with Woolworths rights now; where they've put the prices down and are keeping them down permanently.  Well, I took advantage of that and bought a few things that weren't on my list (one of them being Atlantic Salmon) and the price didn't really change all that much.  I had a few things tossed in that I added on and still the price of my shopping came to around $100 or a little over.  Pretty good if you ask me.

This brings me to this afternoon.  I uploaded my 365 photo, checked all my mail on the net and chatted to a Bookcrosser in the States (who's still in yesterday) and then I harvested some of my crops in Farmville (yes, a fun little game on Facebook I've joined in on; but I'm not obsessed with it).  Otherwise, the day has been good; if still not long enough for me to do all the things I want to do.
Well, until my next post, keep warm (or cool) whatever your case may be.

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