Thursday, July 1, 2010

Longer Than Expected

Today, I went out to Garden City to collect a few things that were absolutely needed from there.  But, first, I'll begin with last night.  I was doing my nightly checks of making sure everything was locked up, the television and stereo were switched off at the wall as was the heater and the kettle (not that the latter is a fire hazard, but I just like to save money in my electric bill).  Anyway, I went upstairs after turning off the lights and headed toward the home office to make sure I had turned the computer off at the back.  Well, as I turned the light on in the room, I was greeted with a reasonably sized Huntsman Spider above the window.  He didn't look like he was expecting me either; but didn't try to hide when I raced out and grabbed the bug spray and came back in.  He got sprayed twice; then promptly vanished.  Unfortunately, it was late, and I didn't want to bother anyone in my unit complex; so I called Dad.  I had unfortunately gotten him out of bed... but he came over and helped me find him (because I remember the last time we left a carcass of one of these guys sitting around... I stumbled up him a day or so later and I turned into the World's Biggest Scaredy Cat again).  Well, this guy had squished himself into the back of my desk; which is kind of a backward angled piece that supports the whole desk.  We had to use a mirror and a torch to find him; then a towel to pick him up and put him into the toilet and flush his little body down the loo.  Dad wasn't too impressed that was all he came out to do at 11pm at night; but then he knew that if he hadn't I wouldn't have slept last night.
Today, though, after I got back from Garden City, I made a point of calling him and thanking him for coming out so late.  He said he was sorry for being a little short; but understood that having something like that in my office would have probably attracted other things into the place I didn't want.

It was another cold day today; and so, I dressed for warmth and caught the bus to Garden City to pick up Stevie's food from the vet, find some good brushes for my art project for the Traffic Signalling Box across the road and a few other things.
But what was supposed to be only an hour so turned into four hours... not a good look for me; but then again, I took my time and didn't rush.  And that's exactly what I'm supposed to do.  So, I had a look in at QBD's Stocktake Sale and bought 2 books there (stupid of me really).  One is by JRR Tolkien and the other is by Julie Andrews; talk about two different ends of the scale!  
Then, I scored a bargain at the Riot Art place down near Coles and K-Mart.  I chose what I thought were expensive brushes for the TSB project.  But when I reached the check-out, they ended up being half-price!  What a bargain!  And they're just what I need in the way of brushes for the project too!  Now, all I need is a short-haired roller for the primer to be put on so it doesn't take up too much time.
I bought a packet of Stevie's food for her at Green Cross Vets and they asked me how she was doing.  I told them that I had done a whole month of her photos on 365project for her 5th birthday and the lady at the counter thought that was cute.  I also said that Stevie thought my piano tuner was hot (but not scolding him when he came up close; and just looking him over as though to as him what he was looking at) and the lady said that birds have the most wonderful personalities.  I agreed.  But - I said - that the looks that birds give us is in the morning is funny.  I told her that most days, when I pull up the covers, look at Stevie, I say: 'Hey little bird, if looks could kill, budgies would be mass murderers, Stevie.' then I go and change her food.  She thought was a well thought out and funny.
Well, I ended up going and buying a 'Good Reading' Magazine and getting a de-caf Latte from Gloria Jean's only to not have time to read it at the bus stop and not have any time to drink the latte either... I ended up almost burning myself and having time to repack my bag to I can take everything home comfortably.

When I did finally get home, the sun was out for a few moments and gone again... so Little Miss Stevie barely got any time in with it.  But now she knows it's daylight; at least that's one thing she knows now. Well, it's getting on a little.  Tomorrow morning, I'll be putting on the slow-cooker to make something yummy and vegetarian for dinner.  Yummo!

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