Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend's Here! Well, Almost.

I'm so thankful I had my day out yesterday; because looking
out at the miserable day we have here in Brisbane today isn't very encouraging.  Actually, the only thing I've done today is go and check the mail across the road and that was it; it was straight back home for me.  Once home, I photographed a sketch I did for a design for a TSB and then I prepared a slow cook meal that's been wafting up the stairs and into this office for the last
few hours now.
Otherwise, besides some loud noises coming from the rebuilding of the Woodridge Fire Station next door, there hasn't really been anything to do today because it's cold and grey.  So, I've been bumming around on here for the day and reading a few posts by people on Bookcrossing, uploading a photo onto 365project.  Then, smelling what I'm going to have for dinner come in every so often; and I'm really looking forward to it.

This afternoon, I do have some piano practice to get into and some cleaning up for the weekend to get done.  So, once I have it all under control downstairs and have vacuumed the lounge, I'll be coming upstairs again to have a go at the office and my bedroom as well.  The bathroom is another place I'll be doing out too.  I've got some products there that have been in the cupboards for a while and so it'll be time to toss them out.

Otherwise, I'm thinking of catching up on my reading this weekend once I've gotten some laundry done and other bits finished up.  I haven't really done all that much reading; and 'My Reading List' shows it.  Even though I have a lot of books on Mt To Be Read, I haven't been zooming through that many books; and I have been trying to do just that and failing miserably.  Oh well, you can't control what your mind's into all the time.
For the rest of the School Holidays, I'll be hoping to finish up a few other things on this computer.  This includes doing a complete de-frag and compiling a few other things on this desk.  I really do have to tidy it up and spray it with Glen-20 seeing I've been a little under the weather with this thing that's a cold-but-not-a-cold... a weird thing really.
Anyway, I best be going.  I have a piano that needs playing and a few other things that need putting away not too long after this is posted.

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