Monday, July 26, 2010

A Week of Unexpected Surprises.

Well... my weekend didn't end up the way I planned.  There was no gardening done and so therefore, my garden still looks the same as it did last week.  I was hoping that I had everything repotted before the rain poured down last night.  Oh well, can't win 'em all!

But that wasn't all.  I was bored outa my head by the politics of 'The Worm' and the two people we have no choice in but to pick between as Prime Minister in the next month.  There's bad... or worse.  Take your pick; and hope and pray our country is taken down the right path.  I just wish they'd just work together on this and agree on each other's policies adding it all together in one little pretty parcel we can all look at and say:  yes!  We want that!
But no... that's not what's going to happen.  They've already picked at each other about the details and piddly things before anything else.  This is why I don't like politics too much.  Once they start picking at each other, it's gets to be a mud-slinging match that neither of them will take responsibility for; and that really sticks in my neck.

So, yesterday, I watched the hours tick by slowly as the day became colder... yep, it was an overcast Brisbane day where rain threatened to fall from the close clouds, but really, nothing happened except we got cold.  Stevie's covers didn't move from her cage and I kept the house closed up for the whole weekend to keep us both warm.
On Saturday night, I began reading: 'He Died With A Felafel In His Hand' by John Birmingham.  What a funny book!  This is about a man who's lived in so many shared and rental properties, he's got more stories than he can handle.  And the best thing is that he's an Aussie... so whatever happened is likely to be true!  From page one, I was giggling my head off in bed trying not to laugh too loud as it was getting close to midnight and I found I had to put it down before I moved myself downstairs to have a good laugh out loud at this book!  My brother had recommended this book to me years ago; but I never had the time to read it.  So, when I found it down at Brunswick Heads, I thought it was time to get my nose between its pages.  I got through about 36 pages of it on Saturday night and read up to page 64 last night.  Yep, I think I'll zoom right through this book; and then pick out another good one soon.

My piano playing is going well; but I'm stuck on the scales.  The red book I've been learning out of is making it harder than it should be to play them.  So, I've gone back to the Sheft book to play them; and it's a lot easier.  Now, to memorise them; and it'll be a lot easier for me to pick up the ones in the red book... the one thing I'm not doing is using the cd in the red book.  It's been recorded off an electric piano and so it sounds like they've been playing an organ to me.  Why can't these cd's be recorded on an ordinary plain piano so as not to tick off the adults when we're learning to play?

Well, that was my weekend.  Dull and a little on the boring side.  But it happened.  I'm hoping a little more exciting things happen this week.  I've been invited to see 'Inception' tomorrow and I'm hoping to pick up the box of paint and equipment from the post office on Thursday or Friday.  So, I hope to get Mum to help me with transporting that; as she'll be my companion during my time at the TSB.  Otherwise, I'm expecting a parcel from Finland and another from Jakarta in the next two weeks.  One has a coin purse in it from a lovely Bookcrosser.  The one from Jakarta has been traveling for more than a year; and I can't wait until it arrives home.

Well, that's all from me.  Until my next post, keep warm - or cool - whatever you case may be. 

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