Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid-Week Boredom

Well, it's the middle of the week, raining a little on the chilly side and I'm bored outa my head.  But some great things have happened leading up to the most boring day of the week (well for me anyway; it may have been exciting for you). 

Monday was ... well, Monday.  It began the next working week.  All the kids were back at school; people were off to work again and it was a cold old day here at the unit.  I had had a boring old weekend when I was hoping to get into the garden, and didn't.  So, I ended up knitting, reading and filming Little Miss Stevie doing funny things.
Yesterday, I went to see 'Inception' with Mum.  And what a film!  It was amazing and the special effects were brilliantly done; as was the complex - yet understandable - storyline!  Leonardo de Caprio was absolutely excellent as the lead role.  And there was Joseph Gorden-Levitt from 'Third Rock From the Sun' in it too.  Mum didn't realise until I told her; and she spotted him; as she hadn't seen him on the small screen for such a long time.  But the film had us going from the beginning; there was no boring part in it and thus no time to sneak a peak at your watch... and if you did, you missed something; and that something was like skipping two pages in Lord of the Rings and thinking you wouldn't miss something.  This film goes for 2 1/2 hours and so take something in there with you if you catch a 10:30am session because you'll miss lunch (we got out at 1:20pm).
After the movie, Mum and I talked for hours about the plots, sub-plots, heroes and anti-heroes (the latter are people who are evil the start with and by the end find a little good in themselves to save the day become the hero they didn't want to be).  Over lunch, we talked about dreams and how they changed our lives and what they could be doing for us.  then, once home, I couldn't stop thinking about the damned movie!  It was on the news and advertised during ad-breaks... and if that wasn't bad enough, I found it hard to get to sleep last night because of what I might dream once I did get to sleep!  This movie absolutely had me spun out to a T!   and I haven't even told you about the plot... so if you haven't seen it, go and see it.  If you loved 'The Matrix', you'll love this movie.  It's not a blokes movie, it's not a geek's movie or a chick-flick... it's just fantastic!

Which makes today so boring.  I woke to a sultry coolish day.  The rain has moved in and made it dull and sleepy.  So, there's nothing much to do but some washing up and getting into making the dinner.  Tomorrow is going to be exciting - hopefully - as my paint will be arriving for the Traffic Signaling Box (for the blog on my art and what this is about, go to 'A Natural Background').  And I'm expecting something from Finland in the next week or so.

Yep, I'm hoping the next few days will be a little more exciting and joyful than today... which isn't.  Oh well, can't always have the best and most exciting days all the time.  Until my next post, keep warm - or cool - whatever your case may be.

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